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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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9-11-The Gift That Keeps on Giving
The Rise of the Rebels
'The Karl Rove Syndrome'
'Republican sex freaks'
Selling out his country
Bush Administration’s PR Problems
Absurd Alito Polling
Republicans: Is this a Nixon Moment?
Mobilize - November 2
Do Not Rule Out Staged Terror Attack
Bunker Days
Senator Kerry’s Talk with Joe
George Bush in Hell



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9/11 -- The Gift That Keeps on Giving

(I feel a rant coming on......)Beware of Profanity of Author

So what if the Bush administration wants to conduct illegal  wiretaps, they
are fighting the terrorists!

So what if the Bush administration wants to attack a country that has never
attacked us and was not a threat to us, they are fighting the  terrorists!



The Rise of the Rebels

by William Greider

The political news from Connecticut did not seem earth-shaking on its face, but the

New York Times and the Washington Post were both sufficiently alarmed to put

the story on page one. Some upstart citizens are talking about challenging their warrior

senator, Joe Lieberman, by running an antiwar candidate against him next fall. The Wall

Street Journal went ballistic. Its hysterical editorial denounced the "liberal animosity"

toward Wall Street's favorite Democrat.

The Democratic Party is never going to change substantively and again become a reform

party with a serious agenda until some of its blood is spilled in the same fashion. For years,

incumbent Dems have distanced themselves from fundamental convictions, confident the

party's "base" wouldn't do anything about it beyond whimpering. Until now, the cynicism

was well founded. Galvanized by the war, disgusted with weak-spined party leaders, the

rank-and-file may at last be ready to bite back.


'The Karl Rove Syndrome'
Contributed by liberalgirlnextdoor on Friday, December 23 @ 10:12:23 EST

Mollie Bradley-Martin

It's not about winning at any cost; it's about winning with a philosophy that

resonates with the American public. There seems to be a lot of Rove envy

within the ranks of the Democratic Party that continues to foster the idea

that if we only had a tactician like Rove, we could win elections too. While I

too believe that political strategy is sorely lacking in Democratic campaigns,

what we really are missing is a philosophical thrust, a core of beliefs at the

center from which our political rhetoric can flow.



'Republican sex freaks'
Posted on Tuesday, December 06 @ 10:19:51 EST

Margaret Kimberley, Black Commentator

What would the corporate media say if a powerful Democrat wrote a novel

about children having sex with animals? Thanks to that party's incompetence

there aren't any powerful Dems these days, but we can imagine the outcry.

Fox News would have a week long expose on Democratic depravity. Potentate

pundits would lament the Democrats inability to connect with Christians in the heartland.

Lewis Libby was until recently a very powerful Republican. He was Vice President

Cheney's chief of staff until he was indicted for obstructing justice and lying to a

grand jury. He also fantasizes about little girls and bears.

In his novel, The Apprentice, Libby imagined a caged bear having sex with children.


'Selling out his country'
Posted on Tuesday, December 06 @ 10:05:45 EST

Mark Shields, The Ocala Star-Banner

Yes, Randy "Duke" Cunningham was both the first U.S. ace -- a combat pilot

who shoots down five enemy aircraft -- of the Vietnam war and a "Top Gun"

Navy pilot. Those credentials helped him in 1990 to win election from San Diego

to the Congress, where according to his official bio, he was "recognized by several

law enforcement agencies for his tough-on-crime position." And where he spoke

often and emotionally of his commitment to and "passion for national security."

If hypocrisy were an Olympic event, Rep. Cunningham, R-Calif., would win both

the gold and silver medals.



Absurd Alito Polling - In The Hands Of Pre$$titutes,

Polls Are Dangerous Things

Yesterday we commented on a CNN segment about public impressions of

Samuel Alito: "What a joke. CNN, taking us for idiots, is reporting a CNN/USAT/Gallup

poll on Samuel Alito's favorable ratings with the American public. Even professional

political observers and online political junkies are still sorting through his record to

figure out where he stands. And CNN expects us to believe that average Americans

already know if he's "in the mainstream" or if they have a "favorable impression" of

him? Pre$$titutes are adept at using polls to shape public opinion and create self-reinforcing

loops. CNN and Gallup are experts at this charade."



Republicans: Is this a Nixon Moment?

I once interviewed a Republican who, during the Watergate years, worked

as a civilian employee at the Pentagon. Everyday at lunch he and his colleagues

would argue about whether Richard Nixon had actually done anything wrong.

As the Watergate investigation progressed, the number of people who took Nixon’s

side dwindled until this gentleman was the only one left.



Mobilize to Impeach Bush

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2, the first anniversary of Bush's "re-election", we will take the first

major step in this by organizing a truly massive day of resistance all over this country.

People everywhere will walk out of school, they will take off work, they will come to

the downtowns and town squares and set out from there, going through the streets and

calling on many more to JOIN US. They will repudiate this criminal regime, making a



Bunker days with Reichsfuehrer George
Date: Monday, October 10 @ 10:21:16 EDT
Topic: Commander-In-Thief

By Mike Whitney

Bush's speech to the National Endowment for Democracy was a long and tedious journey through the shadowy world of terrorism. It was loaded with the same wearisome phantoms and dreary evil-doers that have appeared in every Bush speech since September 2001. Bush is beginning to sound like the three wheeled ox-cart trundling down the road emitting the same shrill screech with every rotation. The man needs some new material.

His dismal performance on Thursday further demonstrated his inability to grasp reality or to deal with the mess he's created. He dredged up the lackluster imagery of 9-11 to cobble together a 40 minute monologue that excluded every topic of national interest except terrorism. Even his audience, which was chock-full of flag-waving jingoes and "democracy-spreading" zealots, appeared dumbstruck.



Senator John Kerry’s Talk with Joe, the Webmaster, 

at the U-2 Concert

Senator Kerry does not seem to be outraged by the fact that George Bush 

stole the election from him by computer fraud and voters suppression.  John Kerry  

does not seem to be outraged by the unbelievable conspiracy theory told by 

George Bush and the 9/11 Commission about what happened on 9/11.


George Bush in Hell

George Bush in Hell
by David Michael Green

You would not want to be George W. Bush right now.

Not that you ever would anyhow, but especially not now. Indeed,

there are indications that not even George W. Bush wants to be

George W. Bush right now.