The Truth will prevail, but only if we demand it from Congress!

9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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There are two enduring myths that permeate American culture, which we 

all subscribe to in varying degrees, regardless of our religious views. 

They are the myth of an independent news industry consisting of diverse 

interests competing to bring you the truth, and the myth of our 

government protecting us from evil and harm. 

We immediately trust certain sources of information, because we were 

raised to believe that they’re "credible," and we do so without question. 

We immediately turn to our government for protection from all danger, 

because we believe it’s their purpose. These beliefs are so deeply 

ingrained in our culture, that expressing doubt about either’s validity will 

result in being ostracized by many members of our society. In other 

words, if you insist that the entire news industry is capable of 

collaborating to hide the truth, or try to tell someone that the 

U.S. government has murdered thousands of Americans, there’s a good chance they’ll 

think you’re crazy, and they’ll probably seek to avoid you. 

You can hardly blame them. Your information shatters their comforting 

myths, and leaves them in a frightening world they’re not prepared to 

face. You also insult them by suggesting they’ve been fooled, and that 

most of what they know about current events is in fact, deceit. And they 

certainly don’t want to believe that the powerful protector they’ve 

always relied on for their safety, is now terrorizing them into 

submission. It’s not the kind of news that makes people happy, so if it’s 

possible to disbelieve you, that’s the route they’ll take. Disbelieving you 

will allow them to exist in the false security of their caring and 

protective government, confident that they’re making well-informed decisions 

because they read the newspaper everyday. Their "credible" source of 

information has already warned them about "conspiracy theorists" like 

you, and probably expressed hope that there will someday be a cure. 

I too, would rather not believe what I know to be true. I would 

definitely feel happier and more secure if I believed 

America were fighting 

terrorism, and punishing the villains of 9-11. Unfortunately, I know 

better. For me, the myths have been exposed as fraud, and that fact has 

also exposed the threat we all face from our own government. Politics is 

not my hobby, and I would rather not think about the government at all. 

But what I also know to be true, is that our government can no longer 

be ignored, and to do so invites horrors that most Americans believe can 

never happen here. Anyone who is unwilling to look past what’s printed 

in the newspapers, is probably very dependant upon the myths for their 

security and happiness. The American myths share their main aspects 

with every other religion. Our newspapers are the givers of truth and 

wisdom, and our government the powerful entity that will protect us from 

evil, punish the bad, and reward the good. To deprive people of these 


 is to take away their Gods. 

The result of these myths being so widely accepted, is that too many 

Americans are not accepting the reality of our situation, and that fact 

is putting us all in danger. Many still believe change can come through 

elections, or that the insanity of our government can only last four 

more years. They’re very wrong on both counts. We’ll never have honest 

elections again, and our situation will only get much worse, unless the 

American people take action to change things. The government of the 

United States

 is robbing and killing Americans, destroying their nation, 

and shredding their constitution. The will be no congressman, judge or 

new politician coming to their rescue. There will also be no newspaper 

breaking the story across the headlines, so Americans will only know the 

truth, if other Americans educate them. In 2005, any American that 

ignores his government endangers himself, and the rest of this country, and 

any American that relies on corporate media for their information, 


 very little of what’s actually happening in the world. 

The truth is that today’s "credible" news sources are masterpieces in 

the art of deception, and they epitomize the propagandist’s skill. I’ve 

learned to appreciate the magic show, and I now know that the best way 

to make a nation’s constitution disappear, is to first distract the 

people with the court trial of a dancing pervert. And if I ever need to 

inspire hatred in my fellow countrymen for an innocent people, I only 

have to blow up a few buildings, and blame them for it. There’s no need to 

worry about the newspapers revealing the truth, and apparently, that 

hasn’t been a problem for a long time. 

The government of the 

United States

 is not protecting you, or your 

freedom. Only you can do that. What they are doing is oppressing you, and 

they’re accomplishing this by convincing you that the world is a much 

more dangerous place than it is, and by making it a much more dangerous 

place than it need be, so they can sell you protection. Their protection 

is only visible as a loss of freedom, but the "credible" news sources 

have told you it’s necessary, so you’ll believe it, and demand it. The 

slightest scrutiny of their actions proves they care nothing for the 

people they were "elected" to represent, but still we believe they’re 

protecting us, because it’s a lot more comforting than believing otherwise. 

I no longer enter debates about who’s responsible for the attacks of 

September 11, 2001. If by this time, you haven’t looked at the evidence 

and arrived at the only sensible conclusion it supports, you simply 

don’t want to know the truth, because you’re afraid of it. You’ll defy 

science, and create ridiculous arguments to deny what’s obvious, and you’ll 

carry on hating innocent people, because it’s easier than shunning 

society, and its ridiculous, but powerful myths. 

The heros of today are the modern town criers and pamphleteers; the 

people who hand out the flyers, and disseminate the information necessary 

to educate their fellow Americans, regardless of whether or not they 

want to hear it. They’re operating web-sites, printing flyers, burning 

CD’s, and whatever else needs to be done to inform a nation that’s been 

kept in the dark by a government-controlled "news" industry. These 

people are nothing less than the saviors of 


, and they’re doing more 

to protect you than you’ll ever know. The American military fights for 

oil. The fight for freedom and justice is once again in the hands of 

the American citizens. 

I’m not a "bleeding-hear liberal." I’m a patriotic American, and I have 

absolutely no problem with someone who wants to kill the perpetrators 

of 9-11. They attacked 


, and our president claims they’re wanted 

"dead or alive," so we should all help to hunt them down and "smoke ‘em 

out." I don’t have a problem with any of this, but I do insist that we 

not behave as a lynch mob. We’re Americans, so let’s start by looking 

at all the evidence, and not killing anybody until we’re sure of who did 

this. That only makes sense. Join the 9-11Truth Movement. Either you’re 

with us, or you’re with the terrorists. 

"The central intelligence agency owns everyone of any significance in 

the major media."                               

William Colby, Former Director, CIA