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  • Afghanistan - Obama's War for Israel
    Afghanistan - Obama's War for Israel
    July 1, 2010

    Bruce Riedel is Obama's chief adviser on the war in Afghanistan and the father of the ill-advised "surge", which calls for tens of thousands more U.S. troops to be sent to the failing campaign. Riedel is employed in a Mossad-funded think tank run by an Israeli friend of Ehud Barak. Is this the "change" Americans really wanted?

    Bruce O. Riedel headed the White House Afghan war strategy team that advised President Obama to send 50,000 more U.S. troops in early 2009. With the chaos and bloodshed in Afghanistan increasing every month, Riedel is often interviewed these days- but never identified as a hired gun of the Israeli operative Haim (Chaim) Saban, who happens to be a close friend and partner-in-crime of Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense chief. Recognizing Obama's Zionist war planners is essential to understanding what the war in Afghanistan is really all about.

    Bruce Riedel at Israel's Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. Riedel, a C.I.A. veteran, works for Haim Saban, a Zionist zealot and Ehud Barak's friend and partner-in-crime.

    Haim Saban (right) with Shimon Peres, Ted Koppel, and Bill Clinton at the Saban Forum in Jerusalem 2006. Saban has given more than $10 million to the Clintons...

    ...which buys a lot of clout with Obama's secretary of state, a middle class girl from Park Ridge, Illinois.

    Saban (left) with Condoleezza Rice, Tony Blair, and Ehud Olmert. Saban is Mossad's bagman for the biggest war criminals of our time. A little Mossad money goes a long way when placed in the right hands. Ehud Olmert, the Israeli Likudnik prime minister, was on a secret mission in New York City on 9-11. Why has his New York visit been kept secret by the media in the United States?

    The Governor of California, the Austrian bodybuilder-cum-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger, attended the Saban Forum in Jerusalem in November 2009. The mystery of what happened to the economy of the Golden State becomes less mysterious when one considers Schwarzenegger's close ties to Zionist criminals.

    While there are 150 current news articles in which Bruce Riedel is quoted on the war in Afghanistan or the alleged Russian spies of New York, not one of them informs the reader that Riedel works for the Israeli Mossadnik of Hollywood, Haim Saban. Such glaring omissions are purely intentional.

    A recent article, "The Influencer" in the New Yorker, explains Saban's (i.e. Mossad's) strategy in crafting U.S. foreign policy to benefit Ehud Barak and his gang of Zionist terrorists:

    Saban's greatest concern, he says, is to protect Israel. At a conference in Israel, Saban described his formula. His “three ways to be influential in American politics,” he said, were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets. In 2002, he contributed seven million dollars toward the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee—one of the largest known donations ever made to an American political party. That year, he also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution…By far his most important relationship is with Bill and Hillary Clinton. In 2002, Saban donated five million dollars to Bill Clinton’s Presidential library, and he has given more than five million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

    Saban has a reputation as a brutal businessman.

    A classic Hollywood story retold in Portfolio involves Gene Simmons of Kiss:

    In the late ’90s, as co-owner of the Fox Family Channel, Saban was developing shows for children. Simmons, the fire-breathing, blood-spitting frontman of a rock band in costumes and face paint, pitched Saban an idea for a new Saturday-morning cartoon: Kiss meets X-Men, the Marvel comics superhero team. Saban liked the concept well enough to convene a meeting with Avi Arad, then C.E.O. of Marvel’s toy division.

    At the appointed time, Saban, Arad, and Simmons sat down. The meeting was going well, and the three began to haggle over numbers. Then Saban turned to Arad and, referring to Simmons, confided in Hebrew, “Now we gut him like a fish.” Without missing a beat, Simmons—who, unbeknownst to Saban, was born Chaim Witz in Haifa, Israel—replied in Hebrew, “You ass hole. I’m one of you.”

    Israeli Rock - Gene Simmons (aka Chaim Witz) of Kiss

    In January 2001, a law suit was filed in Israel's High Court calling for criminal charges to be brought against Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Los Angeles television producer Chaim Saban. The court papers allege that on March 25, 1999, a month and half before Israel's national elections, Saban hosted a campaign fund-raiser in his Beverly Hills home for then prime minister candidate Barak in violation of Israeli election laws. The 35 to 40 guests who attended the parlor meeting were each asked to donate $10,000 to benefit the Barak campaign.

    Haim Saban's friend Ehud Barak is the main suspect of being the mastermind of 9-11 and the explosive demolition of the Twin Towers.

    As reported in the Israeli press of 2001:

    Saban promised to match each donation to Barak, dollar for dollar. On the evening of the fund-raiser Barak flew into L.A. and spoke before the parlor meeting held in Saban's home and contributions were solicited…

    One guest at the fund raising event, businessman Daniel Dilbort, the president of L.A.'s Nu Image productions, admitted to Israel's leading daily Yediot Aharanot, that the participants understood that they were donating to Barak's campaign: "We knew we were donating to Barak's election campaign, but we did not know where the money was going exactly," Dilbort says he wrote a check for $10,000 that evening.


    June 2010 was the deadliest month of the nine-year Afghanistan war, with more than 102 NATO troops killed. Of those killed in June, at least 54 were U.S. soldiers. The United States has lost 1,066 soldiers in Afghanistan in a military campaign that has gone on longer than World War II, but Obama is sending tens of thousands more young Americans to "surge" in a disastrous war that no one seems to understand. Exposing the Zionists behind Obama's war policy is essential to understanding why we are engaged in this most ill-advised and criminal of wars.

    The increasing toll from the 9-year war in Afghanistan
    Source: iCasualties.org

    Sgt. Brian Keith spends his last moments with his wife, Sara, and his son Stephen, 6 months, before going off to Obama's war in Afghanistan. Sgt. Keith, of the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum, New York, is among the thousands of Americans being sent to Afghanistan as part of Obama's surge. Americans have no idea why their loved ones are fighting and dying in Afghanistan. (Photo - New York Times)


    Norwegian military officials released the names of the four soldiers killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan on Sunday, June 27. Defense Minister Grete Faremo, her voice cracking with emotion, said she will be among those bringing their bodies home. “We have lost four of our best soldiers,” Faremo said.

    “Norway is a small country. We have no one to lose.” Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that the four soldiers “were among the finest we have,” and that their deaths are “a gruesome reminder” of how dangerous their military assignment was. Norway has 470 troops in Afghanistan.

    But why are Norwegian troops in Afghanistan in the first place? Why are tens of thousands of young Europeans, Canadians, Australians, and Americans slogging away in the Hindu Kush? What is the real mission of this international military campaign that has dragged on for nearly 9 years? What deals have been struck, what promises made to those who have sent their fighting men to the bloody quagmire in Afghanistan?

    To understand why thousands of young Americans and Europeans are fighting and dying in Afghanistan we need to be very clear about the real reasons for this nine-year-old military invasion and occupation. Some straight talk and Socratic dialectic will help us to determine what this war is really about – and what it isn't.

    President Obama adopted the seven-year-old war (in 2008) and the Bush administration's reasoning for it, claiming that the United States is occupying Afghanistan because of 9-11. The terrorists behind 9-11, according to the Obama and Bush administrations, were members of the Al Qaida organization headed by Osama Bin Laden. This Islamic terrorist organization was based in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime and presented a threat to the whole world, which is why an international coalition was put together to fight against it.

    The claim that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida were behind 9-11, however, has been proven false. While the U.S. government never actually proved that these parties were involved in the terror attacks, the discovery of large amounts of super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center has now exposed this claim to be nothing but a complete fabrication. The government and media version of 9-11 contradicts both the scientific evidence and the laws of physics. It is impossible for both to be valid. The laws of physics and the evidence are true; the government version is clearly false. Al Qaida neither produced nor applied the extremely explosive super-thermite that pulverized the Twin Towers on 9-11. The role of Osama Bin Laden was simply that of the scapegoat in a false-flag operation; neither he nor the Taliban had anything to do with the destruction of the Twin Towers.

    The Twin Towers were pulverized with a highly energetic form of super-thermite. Al Qaida and the Taliban of Afghanistan clearly had nothing to do with the murderous demolition of the World Trade Center.

    If the people who run the C.I.A. and the U.S. government know about the discovery of super-thermite and explosives in the World Trade Center, why do they continue to wage war in Afghanistan?

    Well, we know Afghanistan's production of opium has increased greatly under the U.S.-led occupation. It was recently reported that use of opiate drugs, including heroin and opium, has doubled in Afghanistan since 2005, with nearly 3 percent of the adult population now addicted. Prior to the U.S. invasion in 2001, the Taliban regime had virtually eradicated the production of opium. Increased production of opium is clearly one of the results of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, but is that the only reason?

    Afghanistan is also one of the crown jewels of Asia, extremely well endowed with rare minerals and gems, and situated between Russia, Turkmenistan, China, Pakistan, Iran, and the West. To control Afghanistan is to control one of the wealthiest and most important strategic corridors in the world. This is why the Soviet Union tried to occupy Afghanistan in the 1980s and why the U.S.-led coalition has tried to do the same since 2001. Besides its enormous wealth of rare and strategic minerals, Afghanistan is located between the Israeli-owned gas fields of Turkmenistan and the energy-starved markets of India and China. If Afghanistan were brought under U.S. and Zionist control, the planned TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline through Kandahar would bring billions of dollars into Mossad's coffers every year. This is the real reason why Ehud Barak and Haim Saban are pushing for the conquest of Afghanistan. These people will use every trick in the book to see this pipeline built, but how many people must die for Israeli profits?

    Who are the people behind the crafting of the war policy in Afghanistan?

    We can easily identify two groups who are pushing the war policy in Afghanistan: the C.I.A. and the Israelis. The C.I.A. is clearly waging its own war in Afghanistan and Pakistan with its use of drone-launched missiles while the Israelis have called for the U.S. invasion of the country from the beginning. Ehud Barak, the current Israeli defense minister, was actually the first person to call for the invasion of Afghanistan, which he did on 9-11, only minutes after the demolition of the World Trade Center, on the BBC.


    While a great deal has been written recently about the war in Afghanistan following the resignation of General Stanley A. McChrystal, I have yet to see one article that correctly identifies the real impetus behind the war effort. Most Americans believe, as President Obama says, that the war is being waged because the Taliban regime supported the terrorists who carried out 9-11. This is utterly false, as the discovery of super-thermite amply proves. The false-flag terror of 9-11, the war in Afghanistan, and the larger "War on Terror" are all Zionist-constructed frauds that are protected and promoted by the Zionist-controlled White House, Congress, and media.

    To understand that the "War on Terror" (with its invasion and occupation of Afghanistan) is a Zionist construct, it is helpful to review the Israeli role in its development and realization:

    ·PREPARING THE GROUND - The idea of the "War on Terror" and its conceptual framework was first articulated and promoted by Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel's Yonatan Institute of Terrorism in the early 1980s in a series of speeches, seminars, articles, and books. The basic idea is that Israel's survival required that the militaries of the United States and Europe be stationed in the Middle East to defeat and occupy the states that support terrorism – on a long-term basis. Terrorism, or a state that supports terrorism, as defined by the Israeli doctrine, is any act (or state) of resistance against Israeli hegemony and aggression. The "War on Terror" doctrine was taught to highest-level U.S. leaders, such as George H.W. Bush, who attended the first conference of the Yonatan Institute of Terrorism in 1979. Netanyahu is a former soldier of Israel's elite Sayeret Matkal and served under Ehud Barak, his commander.

    ·CREATING THE CATALYST – The false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 were Israeli-designed and managed events. Ehud Barak, the chief of secret operations for the Israeli military, came to the United States in early 2001 to supervise the preparation of the crime. He was a partner in an Israeli firm, SCP Partners, which owned metallurgical companies that specialized in manufacturing nano-composites, exactly like the super-thermite that demolished the World Trade Center on 9-11.

    ·INTERPRETING THE EVENT – Ehud Barak happened to be in London on 9-11, ready and willing to appear on BBC World television just minutes after the demolition of the Twin Towers. Barak was clearly well prepared to interpret the terror attacks for the English-speaking world. Without a single piece of evidence, Barak blamed Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida and called for the U.S. and the western democracies to invade Afghanistan. The Zionist-controlled media completely supported Barak's interpretation of 9-11 and refused to address the unanswered questions or evidence of Israeli involvement in the attacks.

    ·CONTROLLING THE INVESTIGATION – Michael Chertoff, an Israeli national and son of a Mossad agent, was Assistant Attorney General in charge of the criminal division of the Department of Justice on 9-11. As the top boss of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which had a complete novice as its director, Chertoff was well positioned to control the investigation by confiscating and destroying crucial evidence, such as more than 99 percent of the steel from the destroyed Twin Towers. While the real evidence was being confiscated, false evidence, such as passports of the alleged hijackers, was "found" and used by Chertoff to create the myth that Al Qaida had hijacked the planes and destroyed the World Trade Center.

    ·SHAPING THE ZEITGEIST – Chertoff was instrumental in drafting the draconian legislation named the USA PATRIOT Act, which reinforced the idea that the United States was under attack and that our cherished civil liberties would have to be sacrificed in order to wage a global "War on Terror." A department of Homeland Security was established, which Chertoff became the head of - after he completed his critical task overseeing the "non-investigation" of 9-11.

    ·MANAGING THE WARS – Zionist advisers, the unelected Neo-Cons, pushed for U.S. military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Promoted by the controlled media, the Zionist hawks used every trick in the book, including outright lies, to convince the public and policy makers that sending hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers into the Middle East on an open-ended mission was the only way to prevent another 9-11 atrocity. Most of these advisers are die-hard Zionist zealots with strong attachments to Israeli military intelligence.

    ·OBAMA'S WAR FOR ISRAEL – Elected on a promise of "change", the Zionist-controlled Barack Obama conducted a review of the seven-year-old war in Afghanistan. Bruce O. Riedel, a veteran C.I.A. officer, was named to chair the White House review. Riedel, a senior fellow of the Chaim Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, is an employee of Chaim Saban, an Israeli "billionaire" operative in Hollywood who is an ardent supporter (and partner in crime) of Ehud Barak. Not surprisingly, Riedel advises Obama to increase the war effort in Afghanistan and send tens of thousands more U.S. troops to try to pacify the U.S.-occupied Central Asian nation.

    With Israeli criminals crafting U.S. war policies in Afghanistan, the prognosis is for more violence and terrorism.

    Sources and Recommended Reading:

    Bollyn, Christopher, "How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11", May 5, 2010

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    Riedel, Bruce, "The Afghan Gold Rush", Saban Center for Middle East Policy, Brookings Institution, June 16, 2010

    Bruce Riedel at INSS: Possible to Win the War in Afghanistan, Institute for National Security Studies (Israel), Tel Aviv, November 17, 2009

    Wallace, Amy, "Haim Saban, Power Ranger", August 13, 2008

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