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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Bush warns of dangers in Patriot Act delay
Kerry asks Bush to replace Rumsfeld
Bush's War on Children
Mining for trouble
Abolishing the USA
Dangerous Energy Bill Provision Goes Unreported
Impeachment March
More Jobs Hype


The following articles concern the atrocities committed by 

George Bush on a national level.  Many of these atrocities are 

impeachable offenses.


Bush warns of dangers in Patriot Act delay

Is he setting us up for another Bush sponsored

terrorist attack?



Mining for trouble

November 19, 2005

A PAIR OF DAMAGING environmental proposals have been stripped out of the

budget bill before Congress. Thanks to bipartisan opposition, no new oil drilling will

be allowed off the nation's coasts or in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Yet an equally troubling provision remains in the bill, placed there by Rep. Richard W. Pombo

(R-Tracy), who as head of the House Resources Committee has pushed an extraordinary

number of wilderness-trashing ideas this year. This one would allow the government to sell

off millions of acres of public land for mining, for as little as $1,000 an acre. The deal comes

complete with mineral rights, which are generally worth far more than the land.


"Just Put Down That Law Suit, Pardner, and No One Gets Hurt."
Saturday, July 30, 2005

Originally published in The Guardian (London)

by Greg Palast

 - There are 200 million guns in civilian hands in the United States

That works out at 200 per lawyer. Wade through the foaming websites of the 

anti-Semites, weekend militiamen and Republicans, and it becomes clear that many 

among America's well-armed citizenry have performed the same calculation. 

Because if there is any hope of the ceasefire that they fear, it will come out 

of the barrel of a lawsuit. 

And that is why a shoot-to-kill coalition in the Senate, led by Wild Bill Frist 

(R-Tenn) and his simpering sidekick, Scary Harry Reid (D-Nev), voted yesterday 

to grant immunity from law suits to gun makers. 



Dangerous Energy Bill Provision Goes Unreported

By Kelpie Wilson,

Tue Jul 12th, 2005 at 05:28:20 PM PDT :: Economics

When the Senate passed its version of the energy bill a few weeks ago, 

the Washington Post opined: "At some point - maybe 10 years from now, 

maybe 20 - the energy bill currently wending its way through the Senate will 

be seen as an enormously significant lost opportunity." The Post went on to 

decry the lack of provisions to reduce fossil fuel consumption, called it a 

"status quo" bill, and said it "was nothing to be proud of."


More Jobs Hype

Posted May 20, 2005

Careless journalists and commentators are hyping the 274,000 new 

April payroll jobs as evidence of the health of the U.S. economy. An 

examination of the details of the new jobs puts a different view on the matter.

Aprilís job growth is consistent with the depressing pattern of U.S.  

employment growth in the 21st century: The outsourced U.S. economy 

can create jobs only in domestic nontradable services.