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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: Suckering the Great Unwashed

Now were expected to believe Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is in Iran . Quoting a
senior insurgency commander in Iraq , the Sunday Times said Zarqawi had
shrapnel lodged in his chest and may have been moved to Iran . It said his
supporters might try to move the Jordanian-born militant to another
country for an operation, reports Reuters.

May 29, 2005

Is it possible this senior insurgency commander is an idiot or possibly a
rank amateur? If indeed al-Zarqawi is the leader of the resistance, it
does not make sense for his top lieutenants to be so thoughtlessly
loquacious with the media and admit the wounding of al-Zarqawi and reveal
where he is. On the other hand, if al-Zarqawi is not connected to the
resistance but is instead a U.S. covert intelligence operation designed to
discredit the resistance and convince us they are little more than
criminals and sadists (to say nothing of idiots), the United States has
done an admirable job that is, an admirable job served up to those of us
who do not pay attention, who have abandoned common sense, and believe
everything the corporate media feeds us. As Bush and Crew demonstrated
when they fed us a passel of implausible lies in the lead up to the
invasion of Iraq, the passive and half-witted American news consumer will
believe just about anything, so long as some authoritarian character tells
him it is true. It matters not that the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi fairy tale is
completely over the top, even surrealistic.

Irans Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said the report in the
Sunday Times newspaper was without foundation, Reuters continues. This is
an unprofessional kind of fabricating news, Asefi told a weekly news


It is obviously fabricated news. It is a transparent effort to finger the
Iranians who figure big, as do the Syrians, who are accused of aiding and
abetting the resistance, in Bush’s Strauss con cooked-up plan to reshape
(through bunker buster and cruise missile) the Muslim Middle East and make
it appear the Iranians support the hobgoblin Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. It does
not matter if this makes absolutely no sense (the Iranians would have to
be as stupid as the Iraqi resistance to have anything to do with
al-Zarqawi) because facts or corroborating evidence of complicity is no
longer needed all it takes is a few declarations from anonymous senior
administration officials and the fantasy is firmly established as truth.
Never mind the conflicting and illogical nature of the al-Zarqawi in Iran
story line viz., as the corporate media keeps telling us, al-Zarqawi has a
thing for killing Shiites and Iran is a Shia Muslim nation. Is there a
reason a killer of Shiites is allowed refuge in a country teeming with
Shiites? Does not compute.

The United States has accused Iran of harboring al Qaeda militants who
escaped Afghanistan after U.S. troops invaded in late 2001 following the
Sept. 11 attacks, the Reuters report continues. Tehran acknowledges that
al Qaeda members have managed to cross its long and hard-to-police borders
with Afghanistan and Pakistan . But it denies providing safe-haven to al
Qaeda members and has extradited scores of suspected militants who have
fled to Iran in the last four years.

In other words, since Iran harbored al-Qaeda, it can be assumed it is also
harboring al-Zarqawi, even though, as Reuters points out, Iran has
extradited scores of suspected militants (in other words, nobody knows if
they are al-Qaeda or simply garden variety terrorists who have problems
with the worlds last super-power invading an enervated through medieval
sanctions and premeditated mass murder Arab country). In regard to Irans
porous border, look no further than the U.S.-Mexico border as an example
of how difficult it is to patrol frontiers. Don’t expect the corporate
media to point this out, though.

A US State Department report noted recently that Al-Qaeda members had
found a virtual safe haven in Iran , adding that the country’s long rugged
borders were difficult to monitor, according to the Sunday Times that is to
say it cannot be satisfactorily verified if al-Qaeda or al-Zarqawi are in
Iran or romping at Jojos Circus at Disney World.

Of course, as noted above, it does not matter if the entire virtual haven
story of al-Zarqawi in Iran makes absolutely no sense to say nothing of the
stupidity of the resistance blabbering about its supposed leader in
counterproductive fashion, making the egregious (and strategically
boneheaded) error of admitting he is wounded because most Americans,
oblivious to reality and enthralled with their dictator (as the German
people were enthralled with Hitler that is until their homes and work
places were carpet bombed), will effortlessly swallow it hook, line, and
sinker, same as they digested the Saddan and Osama tag team fabrication,
or the scary campfire story Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, or the
preposterous nonsense that the nine eleven hijackers were Iraqi (in fact,
we dont know who they were, but that’s another story).

Back in 1869, George Hull knew what he was talking about when he declared,
There’s a sucker born every minute. Hull made the comment in response to
the inability of the average person to reason or use logic when confronted
with improbable stories in particular, a hoax perpetuated by Hull and his
partner, William Newell, who convinced the public a giant was buried on
their land, when in fact the alleged giant was a meticulously constructed
statue (Hull sold two-thirds of the interest in the giant for $30,000 to a
syndicate that moved the hoax to an exhibition hall in Syracuse, New York,
and charged a dollar a head to see it).

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is our sucker giant. If George Bush says he exists,
well then, he exists and like simple-minded lemmings we will march right
over the precipice, as did the Good Germans and other people who
instinctively buy into the lies of authoritarian sociopaths.