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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story
Al-Qaeda'-Manufactured Intelligence Front
International Terrorism Does Not Exist
Rumsfeld War Crimes-Video
Terrorists in High Places
Mutual Fabrication of Al-Qaeda
The Age of Terror
Bush's Failed Policy of Kill, Kill, Kill
Anthrax, Iran and bin Laden
Homeland Security Protects Exxon Polution
Palast Charged with Good Journalism
Liquid Bombs-Huge Hoax
The Enemy Within
20% Of Britons Believe Blair On Terror Threats
Liquid Bombers-Synthetic Terror
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Sears Tower Arrests-Synthetic Terror
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George W. Bush IS a Liar
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Is Another 9-11 in the Works?
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Best Enemies Money Can Buy
Wars-Contrivance of Military-Industrial Complex
Cracking the Case-Sibel Edmonds
All Roads Lead to PNAC
Latest Bin Laden Tape-Another Fake
Bin Laden Tape-Digital Replication
Bin Laden Tape Probably Faked by CIA
Bin Laden Tapes: Fact or Fiction
Bush Terrorist Attack is Necessary
bin Laden-Government Scapegoat
London Bombings

Fake War on Terrorism


The sponsorship of terrorism by western governments, targeting their own populations, has been a taboo

subject. Although major scandals have received cursory coverage in the media, the subject has been allowed

to immediately disappear without discussion or investigation. Therefore the appearance this year of two

major studies of this subject is a welcome breakthrough, and provides essential reading for anyone

struggling to understand the events of September 11, 2001 and the post September 11 world.

The studies are complementary. NATO's Secret Armies, Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western

Europe by Daniele Ganser concerns terrorism sponsored by American and British intelligence in Western

Europe and Turkey between the end of World War II and 1985. The War on Truth, 9/11, Disinformation,

and the Anatomy of Terrorism by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed chronicles the cultivation and sponsorship of

militant Islamic terrorism by the intelligence services of the United States, Britain and Russia from 1979 to

the present. Both studies are models of scholarship -- meticulously documented and carefully reasoned --

but the world they reveal will boggle the mind of the most wild-eyed conspiracy theorist.


McVeigh Video Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story

Shows McVeigh was in military receiving instruction in "explosives and demolition"

over a year after official story says he was discharged, whistleblower harassed for

years while unknowingly in possession of bombshell tape



Al-Qaeda' is a Manufactured Intelligence Front

Kawther Salam | June 25 2004

The terrorist event of New York 11 September 20001, and the terror event of Madrid on

11 March 2004, and other terror events commonly connected to Islam, are clearly not related

to Islam if we consider that the Al-Qaeda terror organization was established by the C.I.A

in the 1980s. Al-Qaeda is nothing but a conveniently "Islamic" front which enables the C.I.A.

to commit crimes in the name of Muslims. It is well known that the Mujahadeen terrorists of

Afghanistan were organized, trained and funded by the C.I.A. using the Pakistani ISI as a

"cut-out" in order to lure the Soviet Army into Afghanistan at the end of 1979. The Mujahedeen

can be seen as C.I.A. terrorism with an islamic name and "islamic" perpetrators. Afghanistan

has, for all purposes, been destroyed by these fanatics in furtherance of American interests.


International Terrorism Does Not Exist

by General Leonid Ivashov *

General Leonid Ivashov was the Chief of Staff of the Russian armed forces when the

September 11, 2001, attacks took place. This military man, who lived the events from

the inside, offers an analysis which is very different to that of his American colleagues.

As he did during the Axis for Peace 2005 conference, he now explains that international

terrorism does not exist and that the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up.

What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist

without them. He affirms that, instead of faking a “world war on terror”, the best way

to reduce that kind of attacks is through respect for international law and peaceful cooperation

among countries and their citizens.


Terrorists in High Places

by Charles Sullivan

January 2, 2006
Information Clearing House

Wars are not waged by those who have to fight them.
Those who fight wars know too well their terrible
costs. Wars are waged by those who profit from them
with minimal or no risk to themselves. War is big
business and it is immensely profitable for a select
few who are insulated from the effects of war’s
environmental impacts and social costs. War never
serves the interest of working class people.
They are
the result of menacing forces of greed and power
masquerading as benevolent government, insulating us
from contrived acts of terror. They are in fact
anything but munificent.

Rumsfeld War Crimes-Video

'[W]ithout any question, [Rumsfeld] has committed War Crimes' [VIDEO]
Posted by Evan Derkacz on November 10, 2006 at 10:50 AM.

In this Democracy Now! interview (Video right), the Center For Constitutional Rights'

Michael Ratner says of outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

So this guy has committed -- without any question, this guy has committed war crimes,

violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Because the recently passed Military Commissions Act (aka: The Torture Act) included

immunity for all administration officials from war crimes prosecution, the CCR is initiating

a case in German courts next week, "under their law, which is universal jurisdiction, which

basically says a torturer is essentially an enemy of all humankind and can be brought to

justice wherever they’re found."


Mutual Fabrication of Al-Qaeda-The Power of Nightmares


A catacylsm started with the Embassy Bombing, an organization Al-Qaeda was mutally

fabricated -- by way of false testimony told through the mouth of a captured islamist.


The Age of Terror - a Landmark Report
By: Robert Fisk: 
With chaos stretching from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, we have never 
lived in a more dangerous time. Over the next 15 pages and 7,000 words, our 
man in the Middle East looks back over a lifetime of covering war and death, 
and lays out a bleak future for all of us - one that even those living in 
the comfort of the Home Counties cannot escape


Bush's Failed Policy of Kill, Kill, Kill

By Robert Parry
October 6, 2006

On March 30, 2003 – 3 ½ years ago and only 10 days after the U.S. invasion of Iraq –

I solicited assessments from a few trusted military analysts and wrote that “whatever

happens in the weeks ahead, George W. Bush has ‘lost’ the war in Iraq. The only

question now is how big a price America will pay, both in terms of battlefield casualties

and political hatred swelling around the world.”

The article, entitled “Bay of Pigs Meets Black Hawk Down,” argued that one of Bush’s

most egregious miscalculations was his assumption that the Iraqis wouldn’t fight a foreign

invader. Like the wishful thinking in the Bay of Pigs disaster (Cuba, 1961), U.S. policymakers

assumed an invasion would be welcomed, not opposed.


Anthrax, Iran and bin Laden: Waiting for the October Surprise

By Heather Wokusch

Created Sep 27 2006 - 9:28am

Presidential advisor Karl Rove has been touting his "October surprise," aimed at keeping

Republicans in office [1]. While Rove will most certainly exploit the fear factor, the question

remains if we'll let ourselves be fooled -- yet again.

It's worth remembering that only five years ago, the US was reeling under anthrax attacks

which killed five people and ground postal services to a halt. It's also worth noting what happened next.

Even though the Bush administration soon realized that the anthrax source was domestic,

Vice President Dick Cheney played the war card in claiming Osama bin Laden's terrorist

training manuals teach "how to deploy these kinds of substances [1]." While Congress

admirably resisted adopting the odious Patriot Act in the weeks following 9/11, both chambers

quickly caved when two Democratic senators' offices were subsequently targeted with

anthrax-laced letters. Coincidentally, Congress also resisted renewing the Patriot Act in

February 2006, but after a nerve agent scare on Capitol Hill led to the quarantine of 200 people,

it caved once again



September, 14, 2006

Forget the orange suit.  Exxon Mobil Corporation, which admits it was behind

the criminal complaint brought by Homeland Security against me and television

producer Matt Pascarella, has informed me that the oil company will no longer

push charges that Pascarella and I threatened "critical infrastructure."
Of course, this was never about our tipping off Osama that Louisiana

contains oil refineries.  This has an awful lot to do with a petroleum giant's

sensitivity to unflattering depictions of their plants which are major polluters

along Louisiana's notorious "Cancer Alley." 


Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree

September 11, 2006
by Greg Palast

It's true.  It's weird. It's nuts.  The Department of Homeland Security, after a five-year

hunt for Osama, has finally brought charges against … Greg Palast.  I kid you not.  Send

your cakes with files to the Air America wing at Guantanamo.

Though not just yet.  Fatherland Security has informed me that television producer Matt

Pascarella and I have been charged with unauthorized filming of a "critical national security

structure" in Louisiana.  



Chemists: TATP Liquid Bombs Impossible to Make In Jet Lavatory--Huge Hoax

This description by Thomas Greene and an accompanying Chemistry PDF, show how

making liquid bombs on a plane is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. You'd have to be in the

lavatory for hours, then dry it for hours, and the acetone fumes would kill you anyhow.


'The Enemy Within'
Posted on Monday, August 21 @ 09:49:13 EDT

Carl Jung predicted our present sense of malaise as early as 1957 in his "The Undiscovered

Self", decrying "...apocalyptic images of universal destruction" brought on by WWII and an

atomic age ushered in when the United States dropped weapons of mass destruction on two

cities in Japan. In its wake, Jung was fearful that 40 percent of the population -- called a

"mentally stable stratum" -- might not be able to keep the lid on mass psychosis; it might be

unable to restrain the spread of "dangerous tendencies", presumably: fascism, fanaticism,

militarism, and intolerance. Jung seems to have been less concerned with external threats.

The dangerous tendencies he feared were home grown.

The list above is mine -- not Jung's, though I believe Jung would have approved. To that list

I would add that most dangerous symbiotic cocktail: fear and hate.

Clearly -- terrorism is a real threat but no more so than the dangerous and deliberate exploitation

of it. Clearly -- the subversion of Democratic ideals is a clear and present danger but no more

so than home grown subversion by demagogues. What difference does it make to me if my

"inalienable rights" are denied me by Alberto Gonzales or by the Taliban? Clearly -- terrorist

attacks upon the soil of any Democratic nation is worrisome but no more so than a home grown

policy that both nurtures, feeds, and inspires opposition at home and terrorism abroad. Clearly --

Jung's list of "dangerous tendencies" must include our own tilt toward fascism, an unintended

result that will have accomplished Bin Laden's goal without his ever having to leave his mythic cave in



Only 20% Of Britons Believe Blair On Terror Threats
Neo-Fascists need to stage real attack to reclaim credibility and obedience

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 22 2006

A figure that is both telling and foreboding - that only one fifth of British citizens believe the

Blair government is telling the truth on terror alerts - increases the chances of a staged attack

to reinforce the notion that Islamo-Fascism is a real danger and not the invention of a ruthless

Neo-Fascist government that has all but abolished freedom in the United Kingdom.


Liquid Bombers-Synthetic Terror

What Does A Terrorist Preparing To Bomb 10 Airliners Do Beforehand? Buys Cakes
Behavior of liquid bomb suspects mirrors 7/7 patsies - no evidence of terror planning

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 16 2006

The characters and behavior of the few known liquid bomb suspects are completely inconsistent

with any notion that they were preparing to kill themselves in acts of mass terror - mirroring the pre-attack

demeanor of the 7/7 patsies.

A CCTV image (top) shows one of the suspects, Tayib Rauf, entering a bulk order supermarket in

Birmingham just two hours before anti-terror police swooped in to grab him for his alleged role in a plot

to bomb ten transatlantic airliners. What were the tools of terror Rauf was acquiring before his kamikaze

death mission? Knives? Peroxide to make the deadly liquid bomb? Cameras to detonate the bombs?



TerrorStorm (Alex Jones)

Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history of government sponsored terrorism,

and focuses on the 7/7 London bombings and 9/11



It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times; creating the enemies you need.


A Supreme Challenge to Bush's Authority

By Onnesha Roychoudhuri, AlterNet
Posted on June 30, 2006, Printed on June 30, 2006

"The game is up."

That's how Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), summed

up the implications of Thursday's Supreme Court ruling in the case of Guantanamo detainee Salim Hamdan.

"The Supreme Court has firmly rejected President Bush's attempt to sidestep American courts," Ratner

said in a press conference this morning. "Now the president must act: Try our clients in lawful U.S. courts

or release them."


Sears Tower Arrests: Synthetic Terror

US Government Creates Another Al-Qaeda Cell

Entrapment method used again to frighten Americans into submission

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 23 2006

Hot on the heels of a rash of staged terror alerts in both Britain and Canada, the announcement that

seven men were arrested for planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and other prominent

buildings is already taking the shape of another US government manufactured Al-Qaeda punch and

judy show.

As is usually the case, the alleged ringleader Nassir Batiste's family and friends are aghast that he could

have any terrorist connections and uniformly deny the plausibility of and Al-Qaeda connection, describing

him as a simple construction worker and a "nice guy." Here are some excerpts from a CNN piece which

you can view below.


Dying for a Lie

by Laurence M. Vance

"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it."  ~ Oscar Wilde

All Americans know that Memorial Day is a federal holiday. Most Americans know that it

commemorates U. S. soldiers who died in military service for their country. Many Americans

believe that U. S. soldiers died defending our freedoms. Few Americans believe that they died

for a lie.

They died in vain; they died for a lie.

This does not mean that they were not brave, heroic, well-meaning, or patriotic. They may have

fought with the best of intentions; they may have sacrificed themselves for others; they may have

been sincere in their belief that they were fighting for a good cause; but they died for a lie.


George W. Bush IS a Liar

By Robert Parry
April 14, 2006

The White House is taking umbrage over new press reports that George W. Bush misled the

American people on a key justification for invading Iraq. But Bush’s latest excuse – that he was

just an unwitting conveyor of bad information, not a willful purveyor of lies – has been stretched

thin by overuse.

Nevertheless, White House spokesman Scott McClellan lashed out at a Washington Post report that

in May 2003, Bush described two Iraqi trailers as mobile biological weapons labs although two days

earlier a Pentagon field investigation had debunked those suspicions in a report to Washington.

“The lead in the Washington Post left the impression for the reader that the President was saying

something he knew at the time not to be true,” McClellan said on April 12, 2006. “That is absolutely

false and it is irresponsible, and I don’t know how the Washington Post can defend something so irresponsible.”

But the truth is that Bush has been caught, again and again, relying on lies and distortions to confuse the

American people about the Iraq War. Sometimes, he can blame U.S. intelligence agencies for the false

information, but other times, he simply lies about facts that he personally knows.


Founder of Delta Force: "There is No Real Threat to the US in the World"

 "Bush has formented world war three"
"Americans voted for a second Bush administration out of fear, so fear is what they're going to

have from now on."

Q: What's your assessment of the war in Iraq?

A: Utter debacle. But it had to be from the very first. The reasons were wrong. The reasons of

this administration for taking this nation to war were not what they stated. (Army Gen.) Tommy

Franks was brow-beaten and ... pursued warfare that he knew strategically was wrong in the long

term. That's why he retired immediately afterward. His own staff could tell him what was going to

happen afterward.

We have fomented civil war in Iraq. We have probably fomented internecine war in the Muslim

world between the Shias and the Sunnis, and I think Bush may well have started the third world

war, all for their own personal policies.


Secretary of Homeland Insecurity
    The New York Times | Editorial

    Friday 24 March 2006

    Sometimes it's hard to understand just how Michael Chertoff understands his title, secretary

of homeland security. Take this week, when Mr. Chertoff appeared before executives of the chemical

industry, whose plants remain one of the nation's greatest vulnerabilities more than four years after

9/11. Mr. Chertoff did not chastise the industry for failing to protect their plants adequately. He

proposed weak federal safety standards. He did not even fully embrace a recently introduced bipartisan

Senate bill that would create meaningful standards.


'Is Another 9/11 in the Works?'

Posted on Thursday, March 16 @ 10:09:16 EST

If you were President George W. Bush with all available US troops tied down by the Iraqi

resistance, and you were unable to control Iraq or political developments in the country, would

you also start a war with Iran?

Yes, you would.

Bush's determination to spread Middle East conflict by striking at Iran does not make sense.


The Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies
about War and Terrorism

By Steve Perry

Editor's note: In the interest of relative brevity I've stinted on citing and quoting sources

in some of the items below. You can find links to news stories that elaborate on each of these items

at my online Bush Wars column,



Why We Fight

By: Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D

Director Eugene Jarecki has put together a wonderful, moving and important film

that examines the modern American military machine and the modern American

militaristic mindset.

His film is the 2005 Sundance Film Festival’s Documentary Award-winning

Why We Fight. The title of the film recalls Frank Capra’s World War II films –

popular movies that promoted, eulogized and helped mythologize America’s

participation and sacrifice in that war.

We fought in World War II for many reasons, but mostly it seems, because we believed.

Why We Fight carefully illustrates how our beliefs, our national character, our shared

view of ourselves as Americans have changed since World War II. Jarecki utilizes

President Eisenhower’s famous farewell speech of January 17th, 1961. In this speech,

Ike warned of a growing military-industrial complex, and its possible negative impact

on our democracy and our republic. As the late Colonel David Hackworth used to

remind me, Eisenhower spoke of the dangers presented by military-industrial-congressional complex.


Posted April 29, 2005
There are two enduring myths that permeate American culture, which we 
all subscribe to in varying degrees, regardless of our religious views. 
They are the myth of an independent news industry consisting of diverse 
interests competing to bring you the truth, and the myth of our 
government protecting us from evil and harm. 




The following is a transcript of a 1987 PBS TV program, narrated by Bill Moyers:

THE SECRET GOVERNMENT ­ The Constitution In Crisis

Bill Moyers: "The Secret Government is an interlocking network of official functionaries, 

spies, mercenaries, ex-generals, profiteers and superpatriots, who, for a variety of motives, 

operate outside the legitimate institutions of government. Presidents have turned to them 

when they can't win the support of the Congress or the people, creating that unsupervised 

power so feared by the framers of our Constitution. Just imagine that William Casey's 

dream came true. Suppose the enterprise grew into a super-secret, self-financing, 

self-perpetuating organization. Suppose they decided on their own to assassinate Gorbachev 

or the leader of white South Africa . Could a President control them and what if he became the 

enterprise's public enemy Number One? Who would know? Who would say no?"

"The history of our secret government."

How our governments use terrorism to control us
By Tim Howells
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Nov 28, 2005, 13:55

The sponsorship of terrorism by western governments, targeting their own

populations, has been a taboo subject. Although major scandals have received

cursory coverage in the media, the subject has been allowed to immediately

disappear without discussion or investigation. Therefore the appearance this

year of two major studies of this subject is a welcome breakthrough, and provides

essential reading for anyone struggling to understand the events of September 11,

2001 and the post September 11 world.

The studies are complementary. NATO's Secret Armies, Operation Gladio and

Terrorism in Western Europe by Daniele Ganser concerns terrorism sponsored

by American and British intelligence in Western Europe and Turkey between the

end of World War II and 1985. The War on Truth, 9/11, Disinformation, and the

Anatomy of Terrorism by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed chronicles the cultivation and

sponsorship of militant Islamic terrorism by the intelligence services of the United States,

Britain and Russia from 1979 to the present. Both studies are models of scholarship --

meticulously documented and carefully reasoned -- but the world they reveal will boggle

the mind of the most wild-eyed conspiracy theorist.


The Best Enemies Money Can Buy
From Hitler To Saddam Hussein to Osama bin Laden - 
Insider Connections and the Bush Family's Partnership 
with Killers of Americans
Brown Brothers, Harriman - BNL- and the Carlyle Group
By Michael C. Ruppert
FTW, Oct. 9, 2001 - Since the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade 
Center and the Pentagon, major media powerhouses and the increasingly 
influential alternative media alike have begun to focus attention on Bush 
family connections and a long history of arming and financing America's 
attackers in the months and years prior to the outbreak of war. Recent 
stories in the Wall Street Journal (Sept. 27 & 28, 2001), ABC News (Oct. 
1, 2001), as well as a host of reports from so-called alternative news 
sources have begun to focus attention on the Bush family's 
profit-making role in creating and arming our enemies.
The following is a more comprehensive look at the documented history of 
these relationships that will also open some new avenues of inquiry for 
the press, Congress and the American people.
In a world now filled with biowarfare agents, backpack nuclear devices, 
and chemical weapons like Sarin gas -- where there are people in many 
countries with reasons to oppose the United States -- the Bush 
Administration is following predictable strategies in a way that redefines the 
concept of brinksmanship. Human survival may depend upon the will and 
the ability of both the Congress and the press to focus on these 
relationships and to take appropriate action. Moreover - and I am not the first 
to say this - if a national security priority is to seize the financial 
assets of those who support terrorists, then perhaps we should start 
right here at home.


Wars Are a Contrivance of Military-Industrial Complex

By Karl Schwarz

There is an interesting part at the beginning of the movie Braveheart -

I shall tell you of William Wallace.  Historians from England will say I am a

liar, but history is written by those who have hanged heroes.

That is a very true statementI have watched over the years as one president after

another has conducted themselves in dishonorable ways and then control the facts

and suppress the truth so history is written to make them look good.  None in the

history of this nation have been more guilty of such actions than George H W Bush,

Bill Clinton and George W Bush.  Each of them has had more spin doctors than advisors with brains.

To understand why Washington, DC does what it does, you must first understand

who the enemy really is.  Our biggest enemy is within our gates.  Our biggest enemy is homegrown. 



Cracking the Case: An Interview With Sibel Edmonds

by Scott Horton

"Sibel Edmonds: Absolutely. And I cannot go into any details. … But even the 

AIPAC spy scandal, as far as I'm reading today, is just touching the surface of it. 

It's going only to a certain degree. It doesn't go high enough, in what it involves and 

how far it goes, and that's as far, and the best – as far as I can explain."

The following is the transcript of my Aug. 13 interview with the courageous FBI 

linguist/whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. What connection does Sibel Edmonds' story 

have to the prosecution of Larry Franklin, Steve Rosen, and Keith Weissman of the 

Pentagon/AIPAC spy scandal? And for that matter, to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001? 

The answer has something to do with international drug, weapon, and money-laundering rings, 

and their ties to terrorists and unnamed officials of the Departments of State and Defense. 

This mess also goes back to at least 1997. Sibel says that when the truth comes out, it 

will make the AIPAC case look "lame" by comparison. Who are the State Department 

officials 1 and 2 and the Defense Department officials 1 and 2 referred to in the AIPAC 

indictments[1][2]? Are they the same unnamed officials in the new Vanity Fair piece 

about Edmonds ? Are these the same neocons who hired Iranian spy Ahmed Chalabi, 

lied us into war with Iraq , drew up the occupation plans, and leaked the name of Valerie 

Plame to the press? Is the quashed federal investigation out of Chicago into corruption on 

the part of high-level members of both parties, referred to in the article as "the reason" Sibel 

was gagged by John Ashcroft, related to the investigation of terrorist financing by former 

agent Robert Wright? What does Patrick "Bulldog" Fitzgerald know about it? Which countries 

involved in the international heroin market are the subject of such "sensitive diplomatic relations" 

that their involvement in 9/11 should not be known to the people of the United States ? Uzbekistan ? 

Tajikistan ? Kyrgyzstan ? Pakistan ? Kosovo?


All Roads Lead to PNAC

(Deep Background to Fitz Saga)

With indictments due this week, those not familiar with PNAC might want to

know how/why we came to this historic moment in time.

George W. Bush constantly reminds the nation about the threat of terrorism

that began with 911 but he leaves out a few important details that you should know.........

In June 1997, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was born.

Populated by influential Movers of industry and Shakers of public opinion, the

PNAC is an organization united in the vision for a global U.S. empire - "Pax Americana" -

through coercion and military domination. Their philosophy can be simply summarized:




This very informative article clearly shows that our support of Arab terrorists in Central 

Asia has been this country's policy since Ronald Reagan for the sole purpose of gaining inroads 

into the oil-rich areas of central Asia .  It is clear to me that the union of US oil 

companies and United States government, now run by oil executives, led to the plan of 

9/11 so that United States oil companies with the protection of the United States  

military could take over the oil fields in Central Asia .

What is slowly emerging  from Al Qaeda activities in Central Asia in the 

1990s is the extent to which they involved both American oil companies 

and the U.S. government. By now we know that the U.S.-protected 

movements of al Qaeda terrorists into regions like Afghanistan , Azerbaijan  

and Kosovo have served the interests of U.S. oil companies. In many cases 

they have also provided pretexts or opportunities for a U.S. military commitment 

and even troops to follow. 

In my book Drugs, Oil, and War, I quote again from Olivier Roy: 

"It is the Americans who have made inroads in Central Asia , primarily 

because of the oil and gas interests. Chevron and Unocal are political 

actors who talk as equals with the States (that is, with the presidents).”

It is clear they talk as equals in the current Bush Administration. Both 

the President and Vice-President are former oilmen, as were some of their 

oldest friends and political backers, like Kenneth Lay of Enron


Latest Bin Laden Tape: Another of the NeoCons' "Greatest Hits"

Experts already begin to come forward with revelations that

Latest tape just another CIA fake

Steve Watson | January 20 2006

Spying? Torture? Illegal airstrikes? SHUT UP and hate Bin Laden.

The NeoCon use of Osama Bin Laden as a tool of fear and control is a
tried and tested method whenever the going gets tough. It's predictable
and it's tiresome, but the masses buy it every time and that's why he
has reappeared once again.



When Seeing and Hearing Isn't Believing

By William M. Arkin
Special to
Monday, Feb. 1, 1999

"Gentlemen! We have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the

United States government." So begins a statement being delivered by Gen. Carl W. Steiner,

former Commander-in-chief, U.S. Special Operations Command.

At least the voice sounds amazingly like him.

But it is not Steiner. It is the result of voice "morphing" technology developed at the Los Alamos

National Laboratory in New Mexico.

By taking just a 10-minute digital recording of Steiner's voice, scientist George Papcun is able, in

near real time, to clone speech patterns and develop an accurate facsimile. Steiner was so impressed,

he asked for a copy of the tape.


Bin Laden Tape Probably Faked by CIA

Cheryl Seal

Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:27

Back in 2002, the Bush administration was chagrined when the world's foremost voice

identification experts, a group in Swizterland called IDIAP analyzed several Bin Laden

tapes and concluded that a "CIA-verified" bin Laden tape was NOT Bin Laden, but

someone whose voice patterns resembled the terrorist's. Now again we have a Bin Laden

tape that arrives just when Bush needs a "terrorist diversion." And once again, we have

only the CIA "experts" verifying the authenticity. So why since 2002 hasn't the IDIAP

been called in to verify these always conveniently timed tapes? And why is no CIA

expert ever actually named?

And as further evidence of how closely the US media is colluding with Bush, journalists

who once queried the institute for their opinion on the authenticity of bin Laden tapes

are no longer doing so.


Osama bin Laden-Diabolical Bogeyman or Government


Web Page containing links to articles and streaming videos showing that

Osama bin Laden is clearly a government scapegoat.


The Bin Laden Tapes: Fact or Fiction

by Jason Kernahan

05/10/04 "ICH" -- The audiotapes of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein have

become an extremely important link between these figures and the outside world.

Through them they have been able to convey political rhetoric to their enemies and

followers alike, to issue threats, and even claim responsibility for terrorist acts perpetrated

by their followers.

So while their usefulness can hardly be questioned, how much do we really know about

the origins of these audiotapes, or their authenticity? Precious little time is dedicated to

such considerations. But as we will see, closer scrutiny will actually shake our certainty

in both departments and hopefully inspire a reevaluation of the standards by which we

judge similar evidence in the future.


Bin Laden Tape' Warns of Attacks

Bush's Poll Numbers Are Low So a Terrorist Attack

is Necessary

Arabic TV station al-Jazeera has aired an audio tape, which CIA analysts say

is by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.