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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Will California Send Diebold Packing
A Discussion with Mark Crispin Miller
Fooled Again- How Right Stole 2004 Election
NM Election Officials Block Machine Inspections
What John Kerry definitely said
GAO Report Confirms Stolen Election Findings
GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims
20 Facts about Voting
Source Code-Personal Rights vs. Corporate Rights
Left Can Not Face Stolen Election
GAO Confirms Election Fraud
CEO of Vote Counting Company Denied Entry
Dem's Limp Election Report
The GOP is Certain to Win in 2006
GOP Pays Legal Bills in Vote Thwart Case
Harpers Magazine-None Dare Call It Stolen
Software IS a Problem
Diebold Magic Anyone
No Paper Trail Left Behind
Widespread Vote Manipulations in 2004
What Went Wrong in Ohio
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The Ohio election story is going to come back.
None dare call it stolen
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Leaked Blackwell threats
The Silence of the Scams
Reliable Margins of Error
Curtis Passes Test
Computer Experts Allege
Science proves vote fraud real
Why Bush vote does not compute
Largest Investors in Voting Companies
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Hacking Mother Machine
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Bush Hacked Election


The following articles are a compilation of numerous articles regarding Bush's stealing 

of the election by electronic voting machine fraud and the repercussions that have

occurred since then.




Proof Diebold Hackable

Susan Pynchon: 'Diebold in Florida: The Harri Hursti Hack and

its importance to our nation'

I cried because it was so clear that Diebold had been lying. I cried because

there was proof, before my very eyes, that these machines were every bit as

bad as we all had feared. I cried because we have been so unjustly attacked

as "conspiracy theorists" and "technophobes" when Diebold knew full well

that its voting system could alter election results. More than that, that Diebold

planned to have a voting system that could alter results. And I cried because

it suddenly hit me, like a Mack truck, that this was proof positive that our

democracy is and has been, as we have all feared, truly at the mercy of unscrupulous

vendors who are producing electronic voting machines that can change election

results without detection.


The 2004 US Elections:
The Mother of all Vote Frauds

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

March 23, 2004—The 2004 election has already been rigged. The corporations and the military

industrial complex have bought themselves a government and they aren’t going to let some silly little

presidential election jeopardize their investment. []

April 7, 2004—Machines will produce 99.4 percent of the election results for the upcoming 2004

presidential election. With all the hoopla over voting machine "glitches," porous software,

leaked memos, and the creepy corporations that sell and service these contraptions, and with all

the controversy that surrounds campaign financing, voter registration, redistricting issues, and the

general privatization of the election process, we are missing the boat on the biggest crisis facing our

democracy. Americans aren't really voting. Machines are. Call it faking democracy.


Election Justice News
The fight for democracy in America continues...

Friends of Democracy,

There's so much going on relating to election issues, it's hard to figure out where to start. 

At the top of the news is Diebold, the infamous company that counts more votes in our

country than any other company; the same company with known felons on their staff and

direct ties to the Republican Party.  Things are not looking too good for Diebold lately. In

the last week, the President of Diebold resigned amidst an evolving scandal relating to

securities fraud.  The CA Secretary of State decided not to recertify their voting machines.

Leon County Florida has decertified the Diebold machines due to lack of security. A

wonderful new book by NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller exposes what really happened

in the last election (and what will happen again if we don't stop them).  And a new documentary

film was released on the same subject. WOW!  But the news is not all good.  In Ohio, the

"powers to be" are ignoring the pleas of the public and instituting efforts to put more Diebold

machines in place, even as the scandal unravels.  If Robin were here, he'd surely say,


The Dirty Little Secrets of Voting System Testing Labs
by Avi Rubin
The following URL is to a Blog by Avi Ruben. He recently attended, as 
A presenter, the California Secretary of State's Summit on voting 
Systems testing. What he reveals about the current state of the testing of
proposed voting systems is scandalous. We have repeatedly been told by
local election officials, who have been told by the vendors, that the
voting systems have been thoroughly tested by federal Independent
Testing Laboratories.
The ITAs are not independent and they have no 
authority. So Independent Testing Authority is a misnomer. 
Thankfully, NIST is going to change the name next year. Here's where 
it gets bad. The ITAs are hired by and paid by -- the vendors. That 
is, when a vendor has a voting machine that they want certified, 
they find an ITA who is willing to certify the voting machine. Any 
memos about flaws that are discovered remain confidential. There is 
no requirement to disclose any problems that are found with the 
machines. In fact, the entire ITA report is considered proprietary 
information of the voting machine vendor. After all, they paid for 
it. This provides an incentive for ITAs to certify machines, to 
satisfy their clients.



'A conversation with Mark Crispin Miller'

Bob Cesca, The Huffington Post

The 2004 election has receded in our memories under the weight of countless other events of

the past year. But the lessons of what happened in Ohio and elsewhere should always be a point

of debate in this country as they cut directly to our very basic right as citizens: the right to hold

our leaders accountable with our vote.

The highly questionable results of 2004's presidential election felt all too familiar, harking back

to the 2002 midterm and, of course, the 2000 election debacle. The outcome in all three instances

swayed heavily in the favor of Republicans, yet the call for fair and transparent elections shouldn't

be a partisan issue. Speaking for myself, I don't care whether the results favored Republicans or

Democrats or Greens or Libertarians. If there appears to be election theft occurring, be it via

electronic voting machines without paper trails or via back-room deals with Supreme Court

justices, it's a subversion of our rights and our Constitution and the leaders elected via these

illegal processes are illegitimate.


New tests fuel doubts about vote machines

A top election official and computer experts say computer hackers could easily

change election results, after they found numerous flaws with a state-approved

voting-machine in Tallahassee.


Devastating voting machine hack; Leon County dumps Diebold

BREAKING : Due to contractual non-performance and security design issues, Leon County

(Florida) supervisor of elections Ion Sancho told Black Box Voting that he will never again

use Diebold in an election. He has requested funds to replace the Diebold system from the

county. He will issue a formal announcement to this effect shortly. This comes on the heels

of the resignation of Diebold CEO Wally O'Dell, and the announcement that a stockholder's

class action suit has been filed against Diebold by Scott & Scott.




Voting Company Apparently Just Kidding About Pulling Out of State!

Former Diebold Rep, Now on NC Election Advisory Board Certifies

Diebold, Despite Apparent Failure to Comply with State Law Requiring

Source Code EscrowGuest Blogged by John Gideon of

and Surprise! Diebold got certified in North Carolina

today. In what the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is calling the

"Immaculate Certification" the...





The suit was filed today in U.S. Federal District Court in Ohio and alleges the company

"artificially inflated" stock prices through misleading public information designed to conceal

the true nature of Diebold's financial and legal situation. The defendants are also alleged to

have attempted to disguise well-known and ongoing problems with Diebold's Voting Machine

equipment and software. Additionally, the suit alleges insider trading by defendants resulting in

proceeds of $2.7 million. Remedies are sought under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


Poll shock in Ohio: Off by 40 points, newspaper's predictions may

be disturbingly accurate'

Posted on Friday, November 25 @ 09:04:55 EST

Robert C. Koehler, Common Wonders

One of the most wildly inaccurate pre-election polls in memory, which was off by over

40 points on some predictions, may prove to be deadly accurate as an indicator of the problems

we face as a nation with our voting process -- and democracy itself.


Who Tends to Reject Election Fraud Outright?
Posted by IndyOp on Sun Nov-27-05 07:00 PM

Watching Mark Crispin Miller on C-SPAN today I was struck by the defensiveness

of callers who stated that they had not read his book or his website, and then immediately

dismissed him as 'pathetic', as a 'fraud', as a 'phony'. If someone read his Harpers article

or his book, "Fooled Again" and then decided not to believe that any election fraud occurred

(or) that there was not enough election fraud to warrant a major investigation -- then that would

be reasonable.


Nov 23, 2005: The California Secretary of State has invited Black 
Box Voting to hack away at some Diebold voting systems. The testing 
is set for Nov. 30, 2005.
Diebold Election Systems has been trying to re-certify its “TSx” touch-
screen machines in California. Diebold has added stronger passwords 
and encryption, but even the consultant hired by California to evaluate 
the system reported that the voting system remains vulnerable to 
alteration of vote results. 


Diebold in CA- Machinations Behind Closed Doors
The Seven Reasons NOT to Certify Diebold
In a surprise about-face, all of the disabled groups represented at
Monday's hearing went on record against certifying the Diebold
equipment, stating that it simply does not meet their specific needs.
Over the past two years many disabled groups have lobbied and 
Litigated forcefully for the adoption of Diebold-type voting systems. There has
been much speculation about the motives behind such pro-Diebold
efforts, considering that the Diebold campaigning began AFTER Diebold
made a six-figure contribution to the largest national association of
the blind.


Will California send Diebold packing before Turkey Day?

11/18/2005 @ 2:04 pm

Filed by Miriam Raftery

Recertification hearing draws protest from activists over last-minute

changes in procedures

On Monday, November 21st, California’s Voting System Panel (VSP) was slated to hold

public hearings on whether to recertify Diebold TSX touchscreen machines. The

California Election Protection Network (CEPN) issued a press release inviting concerned

citizens to speak at the 10 a.m. hearing and attend a rally at Secretary of State Bruce

McPherson’s office to encourage state officials to “send Diebold packing before Turkey Day.”

But when CEPN spokesperson Sherry Healy called to verify the hearing date and time, she

received startling news.

“I asked Bruce McDannold in the Secretary of State’s office if the hearing is still on for

Monday,” she told Raw Story. “He said, 'You’re half right. The VSP has been disbanded.'

I asked why. He said, 'I can’t speak for the Secretary of State.’”

According to Healy, McDannold stated that a stenographer and recording device would be

on hand to record any public comments.

CEPN issued a blistering press release criticizing the Republican Secretary of State, for the

last-minute change in procedures. The release questioned the sincerity of those in government

to publicly discuss issues with their constituents. “Is this the new government trend for public

hearings – just give the people a room and a tape recorder?” the release asked.

Activists also contend that McPherson’s office failed to provide the 30-day notice required by

law for a public hearing.


A Discussion with Mark Crispin Miller

November 5, 2005

On November 3-4, 2005, Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again, took part

in an online discussion at Democratic Underground, answering questions from members

of our message board. This is a lightly edited transcript of that discussion. The original

discussion thread can be found here. Mark might even return to continue the discussion.

Today we are very excited to host an online discussion with Mark Crispin Miller.

Mark is a professor of media ecology at New York University. Some of you may remember

him from our online discussion on Democratic Underground in May of 2002. He is well known

for his writings on all aspects of the media and for his activism on behalf of democratic media

reform. He has written a number of books, including Boxed in: The Culture of TV, The Bush

Dyslexicon: Observations on a National Disorder, and Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's

New World Order. He writes regularly on his blog, News From Underground.

Mark has a brand new book about the 2004 election, Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the

2004 Election, and Why They'll Steal the Next One Too (Unless We Stop Them).


Mark Crispin Miller

Author of "Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election,

and Why They'll Steal the Next One Too Unless We Stop Them"

Mark Crispin Miller is the author of "None Dare Call It Stolen: Ohio, the Election, and

America's Servile Press," published in the August 2005 issue of Harper's Magazine. He

has a newly released book, Fooled Again: How the Right Stole the 2004 Election, and

Why They'll Steal the Next One Too Unless We Stop Them. In his newly released book

Fooled Again renowned media critic Mark Crispin Miller argues that it wasn't "moral values"

that swung the 2004 presidential race; it was theft.


NM Election Officials Try to Block Machine Inspections

Voter Action New Mexico Update 11/11/05

In the past week, two New Mexico election officials refused to allow the voter

plaintiffs in the case of Patricia Rosas Lopategui v. Rebecca Vigil-Giron, et al.

to conduct meaningful inspections of their electronic voting machines. This despite

clear indications that there were serious problems in last years presidential election

with these same machines, which do not produce a voter-verifiable and auditable paper record.

Has American Democracy died an electronic death

in Ohio 2005's referenda defeats?
Posted on Saturday, November 12 @ 09:02:17 EST

Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

While debate still rages over Ohio's stolen presidential election of 2004,

the impossible outcomes of key 2005 referendum issues may have put an

electronic nail through American democracy.

Once again, the Buckeye state has hosted an astonishing display of electronic

manipulation that calls into question the sanctity of America's right to vote,

and to have those votes counted in this crucial swing state.

The controversy has been vastly enhanced due to the simultaneous installation

of new electronic voting machines in nearly half the state's 88 counties, machines

the General Accounting Office has now confirmed could be easily hacked by a

very small number of people.


Kerry Suspects Election Was Stolen

Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate in 2004, has told

acquaintances over the past year that he suspects that the election was stolen,

but that he didn’t challenge the official results because he lacked hard proof

and anticipated a firestorm of criticism if he pressed the point.


What John Kerry definitely said about 2004’s stolen election and

why it's killing American democracy

Date: Thursday, November 10 @ 09:54:45 EST
Topic: Election 2004

Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman, Columbus Free Press

The net is abuzz about what John Kerry may or may not be saying now

about the stolen election of 2004.

But we can definitively report what he has said about New Mexico and electronic

voting machines soon after his abrupt "abandon ship" with 250,000 Ohio votes

still uncounted.

And we must also report that what he's not saying is having a catastrophic effect

on what's left of American democracy, including what has just happened (again) in Ohio 2005.



Powerful Government Accountability Office report

confirms key 2004 stolen election findings
by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
October 26, 2005

As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove

inner circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the

legitimacy of their alleged election to the White House is crumbling.

The latest critical confirmation of key indicators that the election of 2004

was stolen comes in an extremely powerful, penetrating report from the

Government Accountability Office that has gotten virtually no mainstream

media coverage.


GAO report upholds Ohio vote fraud claims

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor Print this page

As if the indictment of Lewis “Scooter” Libby wasn’t
enough to give the White House some heavy concerns, a
report from the Government Accounting Office takes a
big bite out of the Bush clique’s pretense of
This powerful and probing report takes a hard look at
the election of 2004 and supports the contention that
the election was stolen. The report has received
almost no coverage in the national media.


20 Facts about Voting

All of these facts were known before the 2004 Election.

1.  80% of all votes in America are counted by only two
companies:  Diebold and ES&S.


Source Code-Personal Rights vs. Corporate Rights

By John Gideon Information Manager, VotersUnite.Org and VoteTrustUSA.Org
05 November 2005

This week a panel of three judges in Sarasota County, Florida found that a breathalyzer

manufacturer, CMI Inc., must turn over its source code to an expert hired by defendants

in drunk driving cases. The expert would only be allowed to inspect the code for bugs and

he would be under court orders not to divulge any of the code to the public. The manufacturer

of the breathalyzer has refused to allow its source code to be reviewed.



Irrefutable Evidence of Ohio Vote Miscount



Why Can't the Left Face the Stolen Elections of

2004 & 2008?

If some of its key publications are any indicator, much of the American left

seems unable to face the reality that the election of 2004 was stolen. So in all

likelihood, unless something radical is done, 2008 will be too.

Misguided and misinformed articles in both and Mother Jones

Magazine indicate a dangerous inability to face the reality that these stolen

elections mean nothing less than the death of what's left of American democracy,

and the permanent enthronement of the Rovian GOP.



Powerful Government Accounting Office report

confirms key 2004 stolen election findings

by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
October 26, 2005

As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove inner

circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the legitimacy of their

alleged election to the White House is crumbling.

The latest critical confirmation of key indicators that the election of 2004 was

stolen comes in an extremely powerful, penetrating report from the General Accounting

Office that has gotten virtually no mainstream media coverage.


Math Logic Proof Shows that ESI Analysis of 
Ohio and National Exit Poll Data is Bunk
Math Logic Proof Shows that ESI Analysis of Ohio and National Exit 
Poll Data is Bunk -- Mitofsky and ESI's Claim to "Rule Out Vote 
Fraud" is Proven Incorrect
George W. Bush could have won the 2004 presidential election due to 
large-scale vote fraud without election data showing the patterns 
that the Election Science Institute (ESI) and pollster Warren 
Mitofsky claim must exist if vote fraud had occurred.  The analysis 
that exit pollster Warren Mitofsky presented at the October 14, 2005 
American Statistical Association fall conference has been proven 
mathematically useless for testing exit poll data for vote fraud.


The Gun is Smoking: Ohio Exit Poll Data Provides Virtually

Irrefutable Evidence of Vote Miscount

Summary: New analysis of the precinct-level Ohio exit poll data  provides

virtually irrefutable evidence of large scale vote miscounts in Ohio during the

2004 presidential election. 6% of Ohio's exit-polled precincts had impossible

vote counts and 57% had significant discrepancies (with less than 5% chance

of occurring in any one precinct). The pattern of Ohio's exit poll results is not

consistent with any exit poll error hypothesis. However, it is consistent with

pro-Bush vote miscounts.


'Mainstream media to American democracy: Drop dead!'
Date: Friday, November 04 @ 10:10:36 EST
Topic: Media

Brad Friedman, The Huffington Post

It's been a full two weeks now since the non-partisan Government Accountability

Office (GAO came out with their 107-page report [PDF] confirming what so many of

us have been trying to ring the bell about for so long: The Electronic Voting Machines

which are proliferating counties and states across America even as I type, are not secure,

not accountable, not recountable, not transparent, not accurate and not adequately monitored

or certified by anybody.


CEO of Vote-Counting Company Refused Entry into the U.S.

On October 14, 2005, Antonio Mujica, CEO of Smartmatic, was refused entry 

into the United States . His Visa was revoked by the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela .


None Dare Call It Stolen

 Harper's Magazine

Whichever candidate you voted for (or think you voted for), or even if you did 

not vote (or could not vote), you must admit that last year’s presidential race 

was if nothing else pretty interesting. True, the press has dropped the subject, 

and the Democrats, with very few exceptions, have moved on. Yet this contest 

may have been the most unusual in U.S. history; it was certainly among those 

with the strangest outcomes. You may remember being surprised yourself.


Software is a Problem

As a computer professional, I find myself in a bit of an awkward position 

arguing against the use of computers in elections.  My position is this: 

computers are extremely helpful, even necessary, to solving many problems; 

but computers are not essential to elections, and the risks are just too great.


Diebold Magic Anyone? Florida's Amazing Election



No Paper Trail Left Behind:
The Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election
By Dennis Loo, Ph.D.
Cal Poly Pomona

Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe 
impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the 
Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. 
Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before 
breakfast." (Through the Looking Glass)
In order to believe that George Bush won the November 2, 2004 
presidential election, you must also believe all of the following extremely 
improbable or outright impossible things.
1) A big turnout and a highly energized and motivated electorate 
favored the GOP instead of the Democrats for the first time in history.


Election Fraud Continues in the US
New Data Shows Widespread Vote Manipulations in 2004

By Peter Phillips


What Went Wrong in Ohio?

Posted on Monday, July 25, 2005. A forum on voting rights 

in the 2004 federal elections.


On July 21, 2005 Harper's Magazine hosted a forum on voter rights as 

they related to the 2004 federal election. The forum was held at the U.S. 

Capitol, and was moderated by Harper's Publisher Rick MacArthur. The 

panelists were John Conyers, Jr., Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Sherrod Brown, 

Eleanor Clift, and Mark Crispin Miller. Miller's piece “None Dare Call it Stolen” 

appears in the August 2005 issue of Harper's Magazine.

Download the audio from this forum. (32.6 Mb MP3 file)

About the Forum

The forum was held to discuss a fundamental aspect of the people's business—

that of voting rights in the 2004 federal elections and the rather substantial evidence 

that these Constitutionally guaranteed rights were extensively violated in the state of 

Ohio—indeed, systematically violated and on a grand enough scale that the election 

may have been corruptly swung in favor of President Bush and against Senator John Kerry .

Ohio , as things turned out, was the key battleground state. Had Senator Kerry won 

Ohio he would have won the electoral college and would now be president of the

United States . The Secretary of State's office in Ohio initially declared a 118,601 

margin of victory for Bush over Kerry; after a county-by-county recount marred 

by highly inconsistent and evidently illegal procedures, the official victory margin 

for Bush was reduced by 144 votes. For the record, the Green Party lawsuit 

challenging the integrity of the recount in federal court has still not been heard—

the Greens claim that state's recount was not conducted using random selection 

of precincts in 86 of the 88 counties, as required by state law.


Dramatic new charges deepen link between Ohio 's 'Coingate,' Voinovich 

mob connections, and the theft of the 2004 election
Date: Friday, July 29 @ 09:04:44 EDT
Topic: Republicans

By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman, Columbus Free Press

COLUMBUS -- New charges filed against Ohio Governor Bob Taft's former top aide 

have blazed a new trail between "Coingate" and the GOP theft of the 2004 presidential election.

In April, the Toledo Blade reported that Noe was under federal investigation for making illegal 

donations to the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign. By all accounts, Coingate is still in the early 

stages of unraveling, and where it reaches, no one yet knows. But most serious observers of

Ohio politics believe it will go very high.

The outing of how Noe and his wife may have used their clout to steal votes in Lucas County 's 

"Votegate" has also just begun.

Election day in Ohio 2004 was defined by partisan chaos, confusion and theft everywhere in the 

state. But the Noe's Toledo was uniquely rife with corruption and illegality.




The Ohio election story is going to come back.

After attending this panel, and speaking to the congressmen involved in the 

preparation of the Conyers report (in particular Sherrod Brown of Ohio , a 

former Ohio secretary of state) I'm convinced that Ohio was a far more 

brazen and frightening subversion of democracy than Florida .

Here's the thing about Ohio . Until you really look at it, you won't understand 

its significance, which is this: the techniques used in this particular theft have 

the capacity to alter elections not by dozens or hundreds or even thousands of 

votes, but by tens of thousands.


Jim March, a member of the Black Box Voting board of directors,
was arrested Tuesday evening for trying to observe the Diebold
central tabulator (vote tallying machine) as the votes were being
counted in San Diego's mayoral election (July 26).


None dare call it stolen - Ohio, the election, and America's servile press
by Mark Crispin Miller, summarized by Mary Anne Saucier, Columbus, Ohio
July 24, 2005

While commentators, prompted by Republicans, claimed Bush won the 2004 election through the votes

of a silent majority concerned with “family values,” Mark Crispin Miller writes that when voters were asked

to state, “in their own words the most important factor in their vote,”only 14 percent named “moral values.” 

He details how the press (except for Keith Olbermann on MSNBC) ignored “the strange details of the

election—except, that is, to ridicule all efforts to discuss them…It was as if they were reporting from inside

a forest fire without acknowledging the fire, except to keep insisting that there was no fire.” 

Then he lists the copious evidence pointing to a stolen election, easily available on the web or in paperback,

from Michigan Representative John Conyers’ report, Preserving Democracy:  What Went Wrong in Ohio

More than dirty tricks, it covers “the run-up to the election, the election itself, and the post-election cover-up,”

listing “specific violations of the U.S. and Ohio constitutions, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act of

1968, the National Voter Registration Act, and the Help America Vote Act.”

The Conyers report details the disenfranchisement of Democrats through “intentional misconduct and illegal

behavior, much of it involving Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney

campaign in Ohio .” 


Probe focuses on donation to GOP
Election official says he was offered $10,000

Saturday, July 16, 2005
Julie Carr Smyth
Plain Dealer Bureau

Columbus - A member of the Franklin County election board said Friday that prosecutors 

are investigating whether a GOP political consultant tried to bribe the board's director to buy 

voting equipment made by his client, Diebold Inc.



Black Box Voting Update: Latest Consumer Reports (June 1, 2005)

Posted June 4, 2005

This is one of the most important stories in two years. 

Tallahassee , FL : "Are we having fun yet?"

This is the message that appeared in the window of a county optical scan
machine, startling Leon County Information Systems Officer Thomas James.
Visibly shaken, he immediately turned the machine off.
Diebold's opti-scan (paper ballot) voting system uses a curious memory
card design, offering penetration by a lone programmer such that
standard canvassing procedures cannot detect election manipulation.
The Diebold optical scan system was used in about 800 jurisdictions in
2004. Among them were several hotbeds of controversy: Volusia County
(FL); King County (WA); and the New Hampshire primary election, where
machine results differed markedly from hand-counted localities.
New regs: Counting paper ballots forbidden


Re-Framing the Issue of Electronic Voting-Elections 

Belong to People

Posted June 1, 2005



Attack on election board whistleblower and leaked Blackwell 

threats re-fire Ohio 's election theft scandal
by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman
May 23, 2005

The potential firing of Ohio whistleblower Sherole Eaton, Deputy 

Director of the Hocking County Board of Elections, has re-fired 

bitter controversy over the stolen 2004 presidential election.

And newly released documents confirming a pre-election threat by 

Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell against election board 

officials has added to the mix, as has the dismissal of Blackwell's 

highly publicized sanction attempt against attorneys who challenged 

the election outcome.

The Biggest Story of Our Lives

By Jim Lampley

Posted May 11, 2005

At 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Election Day, I checked the sportsbook 

odds in Las Vegas and via the offshore bookmakers to see the odds 

as of that moment on the Presidential election. John Kerry was a 

two-to-one favorite. You can look it up.

We know that margins for error are valid, and that results have 

fallen within the error range for every Presidential election for the 

past fifty years prior to last fall. NEVER have exit polls varied by 

beyond-error margins in a single state, not since 1948 when this 

kind of polling began. In this past election it happened in ten states, 

all of them swing states, all of them in Bush's favor. Coincidence? Of course not.



Posted May 9, 2005

Story Broken in Florida 's St. Petersburg Times by Pulitzer Prize Winning
Still Manages to Mangle, Misrepresent and Omit Several Key Elements of the

After many months and many requests and many challenges from both critics
and Mainstream Media types, The St. Petersburg Times is reporting -- and
The BRAD BLOG can confirm -- that Clint Curtis took a polygraph test on
March 3rd...and passed!


Computer Experts Allege U.S. Vote Fraud
By Brian Livingston
Posted May 8, 2005
A group of distinguished computer scientists and mathematicians, 
including nine Ph.D.s, says it has found statistical evidence that vote 
counts of the 2004 U.S.presidential election were tampered with in one or 
more states, affecting the outcome. 

Science proves that vote fraud is real!

Posted April 27, 2005

Vote fraud confirmed: US Count Votes has come out with a remarkable paper 

authored by a committee of twelve, most of them highly-qualified mathematicians 

and statisticians from major universities. This study highlights the serious ramifications 

of the exit poll discrepancy while demolishing the "chatty Dem" theory (more properly 

known as the "reluctant responder" theory), which remains the official explanation for that incongruity.

The only possibility left is vote alteration.


Ten preliminary reasons why the Bush vote does not compute, 

and why Congress must investigate rather than certify the 

Electoral College (Part One of Two)

by Bob Fitrakis, Steve Rosenfeld and Harvey Wasserman

Posted April 27, 2005

The presidential vote for George W. Bush does not compute.


By Robert C. Koehler
Tribune Media Services

Posted April 27, 2005

As they slowly hack democracy to death, we're as alone - 

we citizens - as we've ever been, protected only by the 

dust-covered cliches of the nation's founding: "Eternal 

vigilance is the price of liberty."

It's time to blow off the dust and start paying the price.

The media are not on our side. The politicians are not 

on our side. It's just us, connecting the dots, fitting the 

fragments together, crunching the numbers, wanting to 

know why there were so many irregularities in the last 

election and why these glitches and dirty tricks and wacko 

numbers had not just an anti-Kerry but a racist tinge. This 

is not about partisan politics. It's more like: "Oh no, this can't be true."


Largest Investors in Electronic Voting Companies are Defense 

Posted April 26, 2005

Democracy Fails: Corporations Win 

Democracy in the United States is only a shadow in a corporate media 

cave of deceit, lies and incomplete information. We stand ignorant of 

what the powerful are doing in our name and how the corporate media 

ignores key issues affecting us all. 

The Silence of the Scams: Psychological Resistance to Facing Election Fraud

Posted April 26, 2005

Invisible History

Few Americans know about the historic event that happened on January 6, 2005, the 

official date for counting electoral votes. For the first time since 1877, congressmembers 

challenged the electoral count. Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio , accompanied 

by the lone senator, Barbara Boxer of California , led the challenge of the Ohio vote count. 

Although massive fraud was reported around the country, only Ohio was officially cited.


Amy Goodman Video-Air America-Did Kerry Lose-Computer Fraud

Posted April 10, 2005



Posted April 9, 2005

This page summarizes a few of the "oddities" that emerged in the voting patterns 

 in the 2004 Presidential Election. What is most odd about these and most other 

 "oddities" is that they invariably favored the candidacy of George Bush.



The sun revolves around the Earth and George W. Bush won the election in Ohio
      March 8, 2005

The Bush family and friends stole both the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. 

   The covert operations long associated with George Herbert Walker Bush, former 

   President and CIA director, are now overtly practiced in key battleground states.

Teresa Heinz Kerry - Hacking the "Mother Machine"?
    by Thom Hartmann

   "Two brothers own 80 percent of the [voting] machines used in the United States ," Teresa Heinz Kerry 


Scientific Analysis Suggests Presidential Vote Counts May Have Been Altered
  Group of University Professors Urges Investigation of 2004 Election


Observations on Politics and Society by Joseph Cannon 

   Saturday, April 02, 2005

   Science proves that vote fraud is real!

Vote fraud confirmed: US Count Votes has come out with a remarkable paper 

authored by a committee of twelve, most of them highly-qualified mathematicians 

and statisticians from major universities. This study highlights the serious ramifications 

of the exit poll discrepancy while demolishing the "chatty Dem" theory (more properly 

known as the "reluctant responder" theory), which remains the official explanation for 

that incongruity.

The only possibility left is vote alteration.


Index of Articles 

The article titles are either hyperlinks to the Internet article or to the article on another

page of my website. Here are the titles to each of these articles.  In addition there is a short summary 

of most of these articles below. 

1. Stolen  Elections-Corporate Control of Your Vote

Using a variety of criminal methods that they have perfected over the
past four years, the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney-Karl Rove syndicate
stole another election, and extended their illegal occupation of the
White House. Experienced, informed and unblinking observers were not
fooled by any aspect of this utterly predictable goose-step towards full


2. Analysis of Electronic Voting System- Professor Rubin

Conclusion: This voting system is unsuitable for this general election.


3. Thugs, Racketeers Counting America's Votes  

One of America 's two major election companies, Sequoia Pacific, has a

felony 'rap sheet' an arm-long. In the endless news coverage of the

recent Presidential Election, this news has somehow failed to surface,

perhaps because if it had, people might start pouring into the streets

here, too.


4. Two Brothers-Diebold and ES&S

Voters can run, but they can't hide from these guys. Meet the Urosevich
brothers, Bob and Todd. Their respective companies, Diebold and ES&S, will
count (using both computerized ballot scanners and touchscreen machines)
about 80 percent of all votes cast in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

5. Machines Never Tested for Penetrability-Bev Harris

Your local elections officials trusted a group called NASED –
the National Association of State Election Directors -- to certify
that your voting system is safe. This trust was breached. NASED 
certified the systems based on the recommendation of an 
"Independent Testing Authority" (ITA).  "Whuuut?"What 
no one told local officials was that the ITA did
not test for security (and NASED didn't seem to mind).

6. Votergate: More details emerge By Wayne Madsen

Five Star Trust, the entity that, according to
well-placed business and U.S. intelligence sources, is tied to the
financing of a scheme to pay individuals posing as U.S. law enforcement
and electronic voting machine technicians to rig the vote in favor of
George W. Bush in at least four key states–Florida, Texas, Ohio, and
California—represents a Byzantine network of offshore shell
corporations and individuals tied to various Bush and Saudi-connected
business enterprises.


7. Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines-Bev Harris

According to election industry officials, electronic voting systems are 
absolutely  secure, because they are protected by passwords and 
tamperproof audit logs.  But the passwords can easily be bypassed,
and in fact the audit logs can be  altered. Worse, the votes can be 
changed without anyone knowing, even the County Election 
Supervisor who runs the election system.
The computer programs that tell electronic voting machines how 
to record  and tally votes are allowed to be held as "trade secrets." 
Can citizen's  groups examine them? No. 

8. Clint Curtis Stuns Judiciary Committee

 At the time of the alleged October 2000 meeting at YEI when Curtis 
claims that US Congressman Feeney (Florida)asked him to create a "vote-rigging 
software  prototype", Feeney was a member of the Florida Legislature, a  corporate 
attorney for YEI, as well as being a registered lobbyist for 
the company.

9. Voting System Integrity Flaw- Bev Harris-Feb., 2003

Diebold Election Systems, which builds the AccuVote machines, 

both optical scan and touch-screen, was parking files on an unprotected 

public Internet location.


10. Electronic Voting Systems by Barbara Simons

For starters, software for electronic voting machines is proprietary, 
the certification testing process is both secret and incomplete, and the test 
results are secret. 
11. Diebold-Serious Security Problems
One of the more shocking revelations made in that paper is that 
Diebold uses a single DES key to encrypt all of the data on a 
storage device. Consequently, an attacker with access to the 
source code would have the ability to modify voting and auditing 

12. Hacking into Democracy

The computer scientists found that Diebold's programmers left the "key" 

to decrypt the votes written into the code, which is a bit like locking your door 

and placing the key on the welcome mat. The Hopkins and Rice scientists also 

said that they saw no adequate mechanism to prevent voters from casting multiple 

ballots, viewing partial election results or terminating an election early.


13. E-voting Critics Report New Flaw

The reported vulnerabilities occur in Diebold's Global Election Management 
System (GEMS), which is Microsoft Windows software that tabulates votes reported 
by election precincts. GEMS stores precinct totals in a standard database format 
that can be altered without a password simply by opening the files in Microsoft Access.  

14. How to Rig an Election in the U.S.

Imagine if you will that you are a political interest group that wishes to control 

forevermore the levers of power. Imagine further that you know you are likely 

to implement a highly unpopular political agenda, and you do not wish to be removed 

by a ballot driven backlash.

Imagine then if it were possible to somehow subvert the voting process itself in such 

a way that you could steal elections without anybody knowing.  


15. What Constitutes Actionable Fraud?  

So to all those who are screaming "where is the indisputable facts or truth, because 

I haven't heard any yet," I say to them, "that at this point in the proceedings, indisputable 

proof is not required whatsoever."  


16. Another Election Held and Another Election Stolen by Clint Curtis

This is not speculation. It is not a rant designed to make the losers feel better. 
I speak from first hand information and unless people stand up and act, democracy 
in this country is ended.  

17. Did Dubbya rig the election?  

     The great mystery of the US presidential election was that the exit polls,
which had been reliable guides in all previous elections, did not tally
with the final results.


18. Eulogy for America - 11/08/2004

Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to mourn

the passing of the United States of America, a nation that

once stood as a beacon light of hope for the world.


19. "We the People Do Not Concede"- Election Stolen by Network of Fraud  

Across the nation, at least 400,000 people used voter hotlines to report the 

difficulties noticed on election day. Among those complaints, a full 50,000 

instances were outright malfunctioning voting machinery. And in each of 

these 50,000 instances the vote went to Bush.


20. Stolen or Lost? By Steven F. Freeman, AlterNet

Freeman, a polling expert, disputes journalist Russ Baker's critique of 

his work analyzing the exit poll discrepancy.


21. The Strange Death of American Democracy:Endgame in Ohio by Michael Keefer  

So who ever thought the 2004 U.S. presidential election had the 

remotest chance of being honest and democratic?

Not, one might guess, the electronic voting security experts like 

Ken Thompson, Roy Saltman, Rebecca Mercuri, Bruce Schneier, 

Doug Jones, Victoria Collier, Aviel Rubin, Lynn Landes, and Bev Harris, 

who have for years been warning that the new voting technology coming 

into use in the United States offers unprecedented opportunities for electoral 



22. White House-Linked Clandestine Operation Paid for "Vote Switching" Software

       by Wayne Madsen

The manipulation of computer voting machines in the recent presidential election

and the funding of programmers who were involved in the operation are tied to 

an intricate web of shady off-shore financial trusts and companies, shady 

espionage operatives, Republican Party politicians close to the Bush family, and 

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract vehicles.


23. Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election by Wayne Madsen

According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign 

spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig 

the election for Bush.


24. Shut-Up-They Explain

Those of us who suspect that the election was stolen (a.k.a. “conspiracy nuts”), 

have presented an impressive array of evidence – statistical, anecdotal and 

circumstantial – to support our claims. In response to this we have been provided 

scant rebuttal evidence.



Ellen Connally, an African-American supreme court candidate running an underfunded 

race won a greater percentage of votes in her race than John Kerry did in his in 

many Ohio (non-urban) counties.



Together Triad Governmental Systems, Inc. and Election Systems & Software 

(ES&S) count the votes in 80 out of the 88 counties in Ohio.


27. Feeney implicated in vote fraud

Republican Congressman Tom Feeney of Oviedo asked a 

computer programmer in September 2000, prior to that year's 

contested presidential vote in Florida , to write software that 

could alter vote totals on touch-screen voting machines, the 

programmer said.  


28. Footprints of Electoral Fraud

One of the clear indicators of massive electoral fraud

was the wide divergence, both nationally and in swing

states, between exit poll results and the reported

vote tallies.


29. Exit Polls Leave Little Doubt that in a Free and Fair Election John Kerry 

      Would Have Won both the Electoral College and the Popular Vote

     By Ron Baiman


30. Keeping our democracy alive
Did voters really count in U.S. election?

In three national elections over the past 13 months, the official 

count was sharply at odds with an independent national exit poll.


31. Never say Die-bold: So you don’t think the Bush 

      campaign stole this election? Think again


32. A Corrupted Election

      Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right  


33. Stolen or Lost?

     By Steven F. Freeman, AlterNet
     Posted on January 20, 2005, Printed on January 24, 2005

     Russ Baker's critique of my work analyzing the exit poll discrepancy 

("Election 2004: Stolen or Lost") – and, by implication, of the courageous 

stand taken by John Conyers and a small number of his Congressional 

colleagues – is flawed from the first line. No one has said, "Exit poll results 

were more accurate than actual ballots." The question is whether the official 

count is an      accurate reflection of ballots cast.


34. The Strange Death of American Democracy:

        Endgame in Ohio

        by Michael Keefer

So who ever thought the 2004 U.S. presidential election had the 

remotest chance of being honest and democratic?

Not, one might guess, the electronic voting security experts like 

Ken Thompson, Roy Saltman, Rebecca Mercuri, Bruce Schneier, 

Doug Jones, Victoria Collier, Aviel Rubin, Lynn Landes, and Bev Harris, 

who have for years been warning that the new voting technology coming 

into use in the United States offers unprecedented opportunities for electoral fraud.[1]


35. Whistle blower alleges that U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney might

      have rigged the election in South Florida

       By Trevor Aaronson

Curtis created a simple software program intended for

electronic voting machines. The program could manipulate

true results and ensure that a losing candidate would win 51

percent to 49 percent.


36."If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"

     by Thom Hartmann

  Maybe Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel honestly won two US Senate elections.

Maybe it's true that the citizens of Georgia simply decided that incumbent Democratic

Senator Max Cleland, a wildly popular war veteran who lost three limbs in Vietnam , was,

as his successful Republican challenger suggested in his campaign ads, too unpatriotic to

remain in the Senate. Perhaps, after a half-century of fine-tuning exit polling to such a science

that it's now sometimes used to verify how clean elections are in Third World countries, it

really did suddenly become inaccurate in the United States in the past six years and just

won't work here anymore.


37. Triad Mechanic Permitted to Disassemble Vote Tabulator Day Prior

      to Recount in Mercer County , Ohio

Report from Mercer County , Ohio , recount observer