The Truth will prevail, but only if we demand it from Congress!

9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Senator John Kerry ’s Talk with Joe, the Webmaster at the U-2 Concert at the FleetCenter on October 3, 2005


Since November 3, 2004 I have been reading many articles on the presidential election of 2004, 9/11, the 9/11 Commission Report, the Downing Street memo, lying about weapons of mass destruction, invading Iraq for oil and corporate domination, the London bombings, John Gannon, the media complicity and more. 


Based upon my reading and research, it is clear to me that George Bush stole the past election by computer fraud and that his administration played a major role in the planning and execution of 9/11. In addition of course Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction so that he could invade Iraq for the control of oil and for corporate profits.


I am outraged.  It would seem to me that if I am outraged based on what I know then at least some United States Senators would be outraged since they have the opportunity, staff and the position to know a lot more than I do.


However, tonight I found out at the U-2 concert that Senator John Kerry does not seem to be outraged by the current state of affairs that the Bush administration has created.  Senator Kerry does not seem to be outraged by the fact that George Bush stole the election from him by computer fraud and voters suppression.  John Kerry does not seem to be outraged by the unbelievable conspiracy theory told by George Bush and the 9/11 Commission about what happened on 9/11.


Now how could that be possible.  The only explanation that is plausible to me is that Senator Kerry does not have the political and personal courage to stand up and speak the truth and ask the American people to start demanding the truth instead of the lies of the Bush administration. He like 99% of politicians is only interested in getting re-elected. If he and other politicians were interested in the truth,  they would act. But they are not.


I will tell you why I think this about Senator Kerry. Well, I will tell you why I think this based on my experience tonight at the concert.  I have many other reasons to think that Senator Kerry and most if not all congresspeople are part of the problem because they are basically on the same corporate team that George Bush is on.


For the past six months, I have been attempting to enroll a congress person or United States Senator to start speaking out about the atrocities of the Bush administration.  If they did, the people would listen and demand a change.  Of course, I have not been able to enroll any congressperson in this seemingly “easy to get excited about” project.


So when I saw Senator Kerry walking up the aisle to his seat about one section away from my seat at the concert tonight, I listened to people cheer while I just stood there thinking about how could I get over to speak with him.  It turned out to be very simple.  I walked up the aisle, across one section, down the aisle and walked into the aisle where John Kerry was sitting.  There were only a few people between the aisle and where he was standing just before the concert started.


I walked up to him and he turned and I said “John, I am an attorney in Arlington and I worked on your campaign last fall.  I met you about 25 years ago when I was working on the Mondale/Ferraro campaign. I am very upset about Bush stealing the election.” I then handed him my bright pink card which says


“Impeach Bush

1. stole election by computer fraud,

2. Lied about WMD’S

3. Illegal war against Iraq ;

4. Guilty of 9/11.


Go to



Senator Kerry looked at the card and said that “we do not have the votes to impeach him”.  I said “you need to speak out so that people in this country start listening and get angry enough to demand a change”. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are powerful than you have the capacity to “create a listening” for the truth.


Here is hoping that Senator Kerry keeps his word and gets on my web site and starts learning what I and many of you already know.


Joe, the Webmaster