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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Karl Schwarz Questions Peak Oil


This email will come as a shock to those aficionados of Peak Oil.  There is no shortage of oil, just a shortage of truth coming from the people who are so greedy they cannot get out of the stuck-on-stupid mode.

Back in December I sent out an email update that reduced 9-11 down to three simple issues.  Quoting from that email:

“For those interested in the underlying reasons we have invaded Iraq, the document available at that link and the two books Neoconned and Neoconned Again will give you the information needed to understand the bigger picture.  My book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas provides even more background and proof that the true terrorists and the true enemies of Americans are the RNC and DNC and their wealthy elite masters.

It is really quite simple:

·        The U.S. goal of remaining the only military Superpower and even regional powers eliminated; and

·        The U.S. insistence that all oil sales will be in petro-dollars, not the Euro; and

·        The U.S. intent to dominate the world oil and gas supplies because that will ensure that oil sales will remain denominated in dollars, not Euro.  Whomever controls the oil and gas can control entire economies by denying energy supplies.

The US policy of growing our economy by increasing the National Debt would not be possible if the Euro becomes the world’s trading currency for oil.  Hence, Iran and Venezuela are terrorists since they intend to trade in Euros.  Even the UN Oil for Food program was run through France and denominated in Euros. If the Euro becomes the oil trade currency our economy would melt down in a year or less.”


I look at 9-11 as means to implement policies that Americans would not have otherwise endorsed.  It really is that simple, for before 9-11 there is not a single thing George W. Bush could have said to get Americans riled up to attack Afghanistan.  It was a Pearl Harbor so Americans would support the war and go back to not paying attention to what our government and major corporations are really up to.


BOO!  They want Americans to remain very afraid and desiring of protection.  Wake up – your life and your future are being plundered!


Note that they still have not said a word about Bridas Corporation.  No one has written more about that than I have and I will continue to point to that hidden reason and hidden agenda.  Bridas Corporation was years ahead of US oil companies in controlling that vast supply of oil by controlling the pipeline access to get it to the oceans.  The Clinton Administration and the Bush Administration beat up on Bridas Corporation for many years before 9-11 happened to block them from succeeding.


They did not win $500 million in a US Court of Appeals based on some arcane principle.  They won because they proved massive amounts of interference of contract towards what they already had agreements on.


That is one of the primary reasons that South America, especially Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, are rejecting US policies that attempt to dominate them. .  Bad policies do not sell well and DC has become nothing but bad policies over the past three presidential administrations.  Our presidents do not serve the American people, they serve commerce, the Wealthy Elite and major corporate interests.


I look at the DU matter in its simplest terms as being an incredibly inhumane byproduct of our idiotic policies.  They know it is deadly and have known since the 1940s, yet they expose people to it and then ignore what they have done.  They really could not care less how many they kill with DU.  It is a means to de-populate and get rid of useless eaters, to quote Henry Kissinger.


Those resources belong to the Wealthy Elite!  Did you not get the memo?


In another email update in November, I disclosed a little known report that shows that Venezuela may well be sitting on the single largest oil reserve in the world at a whopping 4 trillion barrels of heavy crude oil.  That trading in Euros is scary indeed, but it is the policies of this government that has undermined the value of the US dollar and made that happen so they could go after any Euro-Terrorist. 


Saddam Hussein traded in Euros and look at what they wrought.  Iran is trading in Euros and even opening up an Oil Bourse to trade in Euros.  Watch the BS from DC.  Venezuela is trading in Euros so that makes him a terrorist too.  Hugo Chavez might even make DC have to change their style of robbing you and me.


Venezuela, according to some arcane reports, sits on four trillion barrels of heavy crude. That is not a typo. Venezuela has reported reserves of FOUR TRILLION barrels of oil.

The Bush Administration launched a war to take over the Caspian Basin, that contains oil reserves estimated at a mere 200 billion barrels, or a thirty-year supply of oil.  That war was to take over the country with a pipeline that is needed to get crude oil to the ocean ports, where it can be shipped to refineries abroad.  An upcoming email update addresses all of the facts surrounding those matters.

If this report is accurate, Venezuela alone has roughly four times the amount of oil in all of the Middle East. You can see what our policies about that oil have done in the way of insane policies from our government.

The following map is British Petroleum’s version of oil reserves and note the huge difference stated for South America.

You might have heard of the Peak Oil theory developed by scientists and analysts in government and the oil industry. Mike Ruppert discusses these ideas in his book Crossing the Rubicon. Peak Oil might have plausible arguments to support it, but there are many vested interests that want us to think that prices have to escalate because the world’s oil supply is too small in comparison with demand.  That is somewhat akin to using a stock tout to change the price of something that should not be changing except that some vested interests want it to change so they can charge more for it.

I have seen clear evidence that talk of terrorism is a device used to create an artificial spook in the oil markets and to drive up the price of oil further.  Every “Orange Alert” pushed up the price and every one of those alerts proved to be questionable.  Even Tom Ridge stated publicly after he left the Bush Administration that he was pressured to raise the terror alert level.
The Peak Oil theory might be a myth created to drive up the price of oil and gas, and here is why I state it that way.


Another factor that might be driving the “synthetic belligerence” towards Chavez is that he and the People’s Republic of China [PRC] recently entered into long term agreements for Venezuela to supply oil to the PRC.  They have even made arrangements to build a pipeline from Venezuela to the west coast of Panama to facilitate shipping of the oil in tankers too large to go through the Panama Canal.  The financing deal on that pipeline was done about six months ago by someone that I know personally.  If Bush, Cheney and the oil companies that pull their strings truly are trying to dominate and control the world’s petroleum supplies, that “unpardonable sin” by Chavez might be all the reason they needed to try to take over Venezuela, assassinate Chavez as suggested by Pat Robertson, or otherwise try to punish Venezuela for not playing along.  Venezuela is one of the few countries denominating their sales of oil in the Euro and that 4 trillion barrels of oil denominated to the Euro is bad news for DC.  They would have to exercise fiscal sanity and fiscal policy for a change and that means their buddies cannot steal as much from the US Treasury in the future.  You can imagine how desperate they are to maintain that status quo.


It is definitely something worth thinking about and holding our leaders accountable for, since they seem to think that everything has to be so secret. 


Of course they want us to think that the Middle East is so valuable and strategic.  It is not, just strategic to the Zionists and our oil companies.  Making the Middle East so strategic is consistent with their policies.


The reason for this email is what follows.  Meria Heller ( ) sent this to me and asked what I thought about it.  I gave here the short answer and this email is the long answer. 



U.S. Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World!
Stansberry Report Online

Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world — more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction. Three companies have been chosen to lead the way.  Test drilling has already begun…

Five months ago, the U.S. Energy Department announced the results of a land survey…

They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth.

Here are the official estimates: 8-times as much oil as Saudi : Arabia 18-times as much oil as Iraq 21-times as much oil as : Kuwait 22-times as much oil as Iran 500-times as much oil : as Yemen …And it’s all right here in the Western United : States.

James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says, “We’ve got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East.”

More than 2 TRILLION barrels.  Untapped.

“That’s more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today,” reports The Denver Post.

When asked about America’s least-publicized oil supply, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch said: “The amounts of oil are staggering. Who would have guessed that in just Colorado and Utah, there is more recoverable oil than in the Middle East?”

Three million barrels of oil per day… That translates into more than $20 BILLION a year.

These are the conservative estimates. The U.S. Energy Dept. estimates an eventual output of 10 million barrels of oil per day. At that rate, the money flow would be even greater.


It is a safe bet that they discovered this oil years ago and are just now getting around to telling us about it.  There were policies they wanted to put into play, like taking over the Caspian Basin oil so Russia and the PRC would not be able to use that 200 billion barrels against us as an economic weapon.  As most know now, Bush planned to take over Iraq in his first Cabinet meeting.  The 20 Year War Plan identified over 20 nations to take over, and each having vast supplies of oil and gas. 


As far back as the George H W Bush Administration they planned to take over the Caspian Basin in Operation Steppe Shield.  The 20 Year War Plan desired by the Neocons and Zionists, and Big Defense, Big Banks and Big Oil was concocted under the Clinton Administration. 


You see, if one controls the energy they can control national economies of other countries.  They can even control and crush us as they are doing now with high gasoline and energy prices.


Sooner or later, in savior fashion, they will tell you about the vast pools of oil under the Ouachita Mountains in West Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma that are down about 30,000 to 35,000 feet and has been known about for over 20 years.


The oil crisis is a fraud folks.  It is all about control and US domination of world commerce through military might and control of the majority of oil and natural gas.


They are using terrorism and other artificial means to pump up the prices and rip money out of your pocket and out of the economy.  It is greed running rampant and a government in DC that see nothing wrong with that since those huge campaign donations will keep flowing in. 


All a politician has to do is support certain policies and they are assured of massive money for their continued stay in office.


Our government and our oil companies are at this very time waging economic warfare against the American people and it is time to show them the door and put a stop to it.  This is an election year – do not for your own sake send a single incumbent back to Washington, DC.


Best regards,


Karl Schwarz