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9-11 Inside Job and Neocons Hacked 2004


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Venezuela the New Niger?
Karl Schwarz Questions Peak Oil
Oil, War and the Euro
Dollar vs EURO -- Weapons of mass destruction
Nationalized Oil is the Terror Threat
Trading Oil In Euros –Does It Matter?
Dollar Diplomacy Has Become Dollar Hegemony
Peak America – Is Our Time Up?
The Peak Oil Crisis
Peak Oil - The Great Tsunami
Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil to US
China Rushes to Complete $100B Deal With Iran
Syria Switches to Euro
The Petro-Dollar and the EURO
Oil Currency War
Doomsday for the greenback
'Persian fire'


                                                                               PEAK OIL


A long-predicted tsunami is heading toward the shores of America, a wave of incredible proportions,

gathering momentum with each passing day. America has had many, many warnings of how this giant

wave would develop, but these warnings have been totally ignored. Very soon our American society

will experience an extremely painful awakening to the dark specter of "Peak Oil" as it looms on our

horizon and then comes crashing down upon our nation. Peak Oil will result in drastic and dramatic

changes to our society and our lifestyles, the likes of which we will find extremely difficult to comprehend.

By now, most Americans know what a tsunami is. However, the vast majority of America has no clue

as to what Peak Oil is. In the simplest of explanations, Peak Oil is that point when the total world

production of oil and all known reserves are surpassed by the world demand. At that point the supply

will be steadily reduced and the ravages of Peak Oil will begin.


Venezuela the New Niger?

The Bush Administration is Trying to Link Hugo Chavez to Iran's Nuclear Program


Washington is no stranger to flimsy pretexts when it comes to justifying its ill-conceived, and at

times illicit, Latin American initiatives. The contra epoch, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban missile

crisis, Ollie North, former U.S. ambassador John Negroponte's skullduggery in Honduras, and countless

acts of chicanery aimed at Havana, Santiago, Grenada and Guatemala come to mind.

A spate of articles tying Hugo Chávez to Iran's covert nuclear program suggests that Washington may

now be finding it increasingly difficult to resist further calumniating Venezuela by working to forge a

new weapon for its anti-Caracas jihad.

The only problem is that the basis for such a charge would be a complete concoction, more worthy to

be put to work in Iraq, where anything goes, than in Latin America. Such a scenario would intimate that

ties exist between alleged Venezuelan uranium supplies and the Iranian nuclear program. In other words,

Caracas would be presented as a terrorist nation, illicitly involved in trafficking bootleg uranium to the

pariah Iranian regime in exchange for nuclear devices and maybe other considerations.


Karl Schwarz Questions Peak Oil

This email will come as a shock to those aficionados of Peak Oil.  There is no shortage of oil, just a

shortage of truth coming from the people who are so greedy they cannot get out of the stuck-on-stupid mode.

Back in December I sent out an email update that reduced 9-11 down to three simple issues.  Quoting from that email:

“For those interested in the underlying reasons we have invaded Iraq, the document available at

that link and the two books Neoconned and Neoconned Again will give you the information needed to

understand the bigger picture.  My book One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas provides even more

background and proof that the true terrorists and the true enemies of Americans are the RNC and

DNC and their wealthy elite masters.

It is really quite simple:

·        The U.S. goal of remaining the only military Superpower and even regional powers

eliminated; and

·        The U.S. insistence that all oil sales will be in petro-dollars, not the Euro; and

·        The U.S. intent to dominate the world oil and gas supplies because that will ensure that

oil sales will remain denominated in dollars, not Euro.  Whomever controls the oil and gas can

control entire economies by denying energy supplies.


Oil, War and the Euro

Submitted to Axis of Logic by author Allan Rubin
December 23, 2003

In attempting to make sense of the Bush administration's drive to war in Iraq, we have heard much

from the White House of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. When that rationale proved to be an

illusion, the administration turned to “liberating” Iraq from Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime.

What has become clear is that the administration’s primary goal is liberation—liberating Iraq from its

oil reserves. This immediate goal satisfied three of the administration's longer term goals: establishing

permanent bases in the region (in order to facilitate US dominance of this oil-producing region, especially

after having pulled out of all our bases in Saudi Arabia); ensuring control over the world’s second largest

oil reserves—to ensure oil supplies for the US and dominance over potential rivals such as the European

Union (EU), Russia or China; and protecting the value of the dollar from threats that Organization of

Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other oil-producing countries will price their oil in euros

(the EU currency). And certainly, there are financial benefits to administration-connected oil-producing,

oil services and construction companies.


Dollar vs EURO -- Weapons of Mass Destruction

There were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, in the form of EURO currency. The petrodollar

depends upon Iraq's oil reserves to defend the United States dollar against the EURO and other currencies.

In 2001, well before Iraq's invasion, the dollar faced uncertainty as an overpriced, debt heavy currency

against a new and robust EURO. In early 2004, the dollar is losing ground.

The economics will change however. Now that The United States of America has taken both Iraq and

Afghanistan and owns those country's natural resources, the dollar plans a brighter future, or a stable

one at best. Iraq trades (again) in dollars. The White House said all along they were freeing Iraqis and

Afghanis from tyranny, and searching for weapons of mass destruction, and that the US-military was

not invading those countries for oil, but that wasn't true.

War protesters claimed George W Bush was invading Iraq for oil. That was only partly true, and their

cries for peace were uninformed. US-led invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were for oil, but not for

consumption. Pre-Iraq invasion, Saddam Hussein was trading in EUROs. Afghanistan is key to piping

oil out of the Caspian Basin.


Nationalized Oil is the Terror Threat

By acaryatid,

Wed Nov 2nd, 2005 at 07:23:02 AM EDT :: War on Terror

It's all a matter of terminology.  If you substitute the term Nationalized Oil for terror,

it's easy to predict the path of US military action.  Korea had nationalized oil before

we waged war; so did Vietnam and so many more countries who became "Democratic"

with the addition of US oil and gas operations.



Trading Oil In Euros –Does It Matter?

By Cóilín Nunan

31 January, 2006
Energy Bulletin

So protecting your own currency is the main reason for keeping foreign exchange

reserves, but in which currency should you keep them? Well the answer to this question

depends nearly entirely on the answer to the question 'against which currency would a sudden

and unwanted devaluation of your own currency be most damaging?' If the answer to the

second question is 'by far the most damaging unwanted currency devaluation would be a

fall of my currency versus the dollar', then it makes sense to keep the vast majority of your

currency reserves in dollars: doing so will enable you to buy your own currency with dollars,

thus supporting its dollar exchange rate.

For all of the rich countries in the world, a sudden devaluation against the dollar has

the potential to be far more damaging than a sudden devaluation against the euro, the

yen, the yuan, the rubble, etc. This is because most of the goods and services traded

internationally are priced and paid for in dollars and, virtually all commodity trade,

including the trade of oil which is by far the most important good traded internationally,

is denominated in dollars. If your currency falls suddenly against the dollar, then the price

of oil will suddenly increase for you...


Dollar Diplomacy Has Become Dollar Hegemony

Congressman Ron Paul, Texas Republican

Congressman Ron Paul's excellent address to the House is more than a much-needed economics

lesson; it's also a lesson in modern U.S. foreign policy.  Simply put, he shows us how the U.S.

has used the dollar to try to rule the world economically and militarily.  He shows us, by looking

purely at the destruction of our currency, how money has ruled U.S. decisions to threaten and

make war for the past 100 years -- and with great success, until now.  But, because this turns

out to be an ultimately self-defeating game, in evidence of which the dollar is already failing, so

will the dreams of a global U.S. empire fail -- just as all similar dreams have failed throughout




Peak America – Is Our Time Up?

By Pat Murphy

26 January, 2006

Measuring U.S. Inequity

There are several ways to measure the quality and health of a society. We can

look at the distribution of income and wealth over time. We can ask how generous

we are at home and abroad and seek an honest answer. We can compare the level

of violence in our society to the world’s norm. And we can compare our spending

for the social good with our spending on military might. Finally, we can ask if

confidence in the honesty of our government, business and other institutional leaders

is increasing or decreasing?

Dr. Colin Campbell, the world’s leading figure on the topic of Peak Oil, describes

in his book “The Coming Oil Crisis” the five-million-year period of Early and Modern

Man leading up to the time of Christ. He designated the period from the birth of Christ

to 1850 as the period of Sustainable Man. He designates the period from 1850-1950 as

the time of Industrial Man and the period from 1950 – 2050 as the time of Hydrocarbon

man. Campbell says the end of Hydrocarbon man is the end of consumerism and the

beginning of a period of New Sustainable Man. We will reach that stage creatively and

peacefully – or violently with much loss of life. The choice is being made now and each

of us must take a stand.


The Peak Oil Crisis
New Years 2006
It's a good time to review -- looking backwards at what we learned
in 2005 and forward at what might be in store for 2006.
During the past year, the average price of oil increased 33 percent
almost matching the 34 percent increase of 2004. If one wants to
think of peak oil just as steadily increasing prices, then we are
clearly on our way. Since 2001, oil prices have nearly tripled.



Chavez Threatens to Cut Off Oil to US if it ‘Crosses the Line’

Feb. 19, 2006

CARACAS: Venezuela’s president Hugo Chavez warned late Friday he was taking

potential steps to cut off oil shipments to the United States, in the event Washington

“crosses the line.”

“The US government must know that if it crosses the line it won’t be getting Venezuelan

oil,” the leftist leader said, repeating similar threats he has made in his long, simmering

dispute with the United States.

Chavez, who did not clarify how Washington might incur such a sanction, apparently

was reacting to Thursday’s call by US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice for an

international “united front” against Venezuela.


Peak Oil - The Great Tsunami

By Michael Payne

18 February, 2006
Online Journal

A long-predicted tsunami is heading toward the shores of America, a wave of incredible

proportions, gathering momentum with each passing day. America has had many, many

warnings of how this giant wave would develop, but these warnings have been totally

ignored. Very soon our American society will experience an extremely painful awakening

to the dark specter of "Peak Oil" as it looms on our horizon and then comes crashing down

upon our nation. Peak Oil will result in drastic and dramatic changes to our society and our

lifestyles, the likes of which we will find extremely difficult to comprehend.

By now, most Americans know what a tsunami is. However, the vast majority of America

has no clue as to what Peak Oil is. In the simplest of explanations, Peak Oil is that point when

the total world production of oil and all known reserves are surpassed by the world demand.

At that point the supply will be steadily reduced and the ravages of Peak Oil will begin.


China Rushes to Complete $100B Deal With Iran

By Peter S. Goodman
Washington Post Foreign Service
Friday, February 17, 2006; 5:39 PM

SHANGHAI, Feb. 17 -- China is hastening to complete a deal worth as much as

$100 billion that would allow a Chinese state-owned energy firm to take a leading

role in developing a vast oil field in Iran, complicating the Bush administration's

efforts to isolate the Middle Eastern nation and roll back its nuclear development

plans, according to published reports.

The completion of the agreement would advance China's global quest for new stocks

of energy. It could also undermine U.S. and European initiatives to halt Tehran's nuclear

plans, possibly generating friction in Beijing's relations with outside powers.


Syria Switches to Euro Amid Confrontation with US

Mon Feb 13, 10:29 AM ET

Syria has switched all of the state's foreign currency transactions to euros from

dollars amid a political confrontation with the United States, the head of state-owned

Commercial Bank of Syria said on Monday.


The Petro-Dollar and the EURO

War is always about achieving a political end. Even holy wars seek to impose a secular

control over the vanquished. At the root of every political conflict, lies the MONEY

component. On the scale of greed or fear, international discords can slide up or down.

Depending on the circumstances or demands, governments rally domestic populations

to accept their foreign interventionist goals. Claims of altruistic liberation are fictitious,

when the rhetoric is stripped away and the real substance is exposed. Notwithstanding,

variances of emphasis; the motive of money underpins the movements of all military confrontations.

The case that the conquest of Iraq is about appropriating control over oil reserves is well

known. The argument that removing Saddam Hussein for a friendly regime change will

enhance the adherence of global community policies, secure and annex a ‘greater Israel’

and project the power of the empire into the region, has been circulated widely. The excuses

of a “War on Terrorism”, elimination of WMD, combating radical Islamics, fulfilling prophecy

and personal grudges between feuding criminal families and former business partners, have

been known to all. But the one aspect that seems to elude the scrutiny of most observers is

that of the precarious nature of the global economy, which teeters on the fragile requirement

that the US Dollar must remain as the world reserve currency.


Oil Currency War

OPEC always priced oil in US Dollars. In the perceptive essay, The Real Reasons for the

Upcoming War With Iraq by W Clark, the thesis that a shift using the EURO as the settlement

currency, drives the Bush/Cheney administration hydrocarbons geo-strategy.



Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight
9/11 Truth and Reconciliation
Quantum Leap Solutions
Peak Oil, Permaculture and 9/11

The Peace, 9/11 Truth, Civil Liberties and Environmental movements need each other
Yellow Alert: Danger of Fascism Elevated
Oil Empire policies


OILEMPIRE.US is an encyclopedia of pointers to information -- from US corporate

media, international press and domestic dissent on the internet -- that collectively reveal

an extremely disturbing paradigm for understanding 9/11, "the event that changed

the world." September 11 was engineered to create the psychological trigger to seize

the Earth's diminishing oil supplies (the real reason behind the Iraq war) and to impose

a "neo-feudalist" Homeland Security police state to suppress dissent.


Beating Around the Bush By the Bourse
by Ingmar Lee

bourse / /n. (also Bourse) a stock exchange, esp. in Europe. ~Canadian Oxford Dictionary

Only bimbos believed Bush when he said it was WMD's that made him attack,

invade, occupy and massacre Iraq. Most of us thought it was to steal Iraq's oil,

but we were only partly right. What totally terrorized the tyrannical Texan tycoon

was when Saddam played the oil bourse card in November, 2000. When Saddam

started selling Iraqi oil in euro's, he jeopardized greenback hegemony as the world's

supreme foreign exchange transaction currency. If this brilliant idea catches on, it will

trigger the total collapse of the USA economy. The oil grab is a sideshow. The main

feature is the oil bourse.

The Neocon global domination agenda is engendered by the denomination of global

oil transactions in greenbacks. America prints out the bucks that are required for the

purchase of oil, and the world has to produce stuff they can sell to get the bucks they

need to buy oil. Printing Monopoly 'fiat' money only costs America the paper and

green ink, so the USA dollar has been fattened on oil-enriched chicken feed since

Tricky Dick delinked the buck from the bullion. The oil bourse scheme could so

seriously setback US suzerainty that Saddam got stomped to smithereens. Krassimir Petrov,

who teaches international finance in Bulgaria's American University, warns "should the

Iranian Oil Bourse gain momentum, it will be eagerly embraced by major economic

powers and will precipitate the demise of the dollar." Saddam was just the first wavelet

in the coming tsunami. On March 20, 2006, Iran will start selling oil in euros.

__________________________________________________________________________’s Peak Oil Articles

Numerous articles on Peak Oil.


'Doomsday for the greenback'
Date: Thursday, December 29 @ 09:07:51 EST
Topic: Economic Policy

A preemptive attack on Iran would "provoke other industrial nations to strategically

abandon the dollar en masse"... "in an effort to thwart the neoconservatives from

pursuing their desperate strategy of dominating the world's hydrocarbon energy supply."

William R. Clark "Petrodollar Warfare; Dollars, Euros and the upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse"

The Federal Reserve is the financial headquarters for the cartel of multinational banking

establishments. The confederation of banks in the Fed underwrites the exploitative activities

of the world's main industries and sets rates in a manner that best serves their objectives.

This is how the bankers perpetuate the system of economic hegemony and apply the shackle

of debt and dependence to the planet's most destitute countries. The Federal Reserve is

every bit as critical to the maintenance of the empire as its political counterparts in Washington

or its blood-brothers in the US Military. It is the largest of the empire's three gears; economic,

political and military, which mobilize the mighty wheel of state terror.

If we look carefully at the Iraq war, the main financial institutions stood squarely behind the

hostilities and did their best to create a hospitable economic environment for aggression. The

Federal Reserve dropped the prime rate to a paltry 1.5% just 6 months before the Iraq invasion

to keep the American economy purring along while Bush dragged the nation to war. The bloody

footprints for Iraq lead straight to the oak-panel doors of America's primary lenders even before

they trail off to the bastions of America's energy giants.

There's a reason for this. The main impetus for the war was not petroleum, but greenbacks and

the future of a currency that is underwritten by $8 trillion of debt. The only way to safeguard its

dominance is to back up the listing dollar with boatloads of oil. And, that is exactly the plan.


'Persian fire'

Chris Floyd, The Moscow Times

So now we know: Next time the fire will come in Iran. The blow will be delivered

by proxy, but that will not spare the true perpetrator from the firestorm of blowback

and unintended consequences that will follow. Even now, the gruesome deaths of many

innocent people in many lands are growing in futurity's womb.

But while this endemic lunacy of our human kind plays its part, the real bottom line for the

Bushists is, well, the bottom line. Iran itself is but a stepping-stone to the ultimate goal:

putting U.S.-controlled hands on the spigots of Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil, thus

providing a brake to control the political rise of China and India, and ensuring a "new

American century" of unchallenged profit and privilege. For the elite, of course; as always,

the suckers back home will get stuck with the bills and the body bags from these geopolitical games.