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  • Expert on Record-Bin Laden Confession a Fake
    CNN Live Report- No Airplane at Pentagon
    Mineta Testimony on Cheney Stand Down/shoot Down Censored

  • Communist Take-Over of the U. S.
    Videos Part 1

    Communist Take-Over of U.S. Videos Part 2
    Communist Take-Over of U.S. Videos Part 3

    This is about the level of intelligence operating the biggest organizations in the world.
    They - Wall Street, the Pentagon, the oil companies etc. - know how to build large cash extraction systems.
    But they don't know - and don't care - what to do when those systems break down and become catastrophically destructive.
    Meanwhile, members of the news media and government are so busy filling their faces like so many pigs at the trough, they're oblivious to any consideration of the rights of individuals and the future.
    This is not a "Louisiana problem" any more than the levee failures after Katrina were a Louisiana problem. This is a sign of a system so corrupt, so callous and so inept it threatens everyone.
    What do we do?
    Start calling a spade a spade.
    The corporations that run this country and the politicians they use to exercise power need to be recognized for what they are. We are occupied by a force that's hostile to our interests as a people and that threatens our very survival.
    That's ALL the oil companies, ALL the big banks, ALL the agribusiness giants, ALL the pharmaceutical companies and health care conglomerates.
    It's a system designed to rape and exploit while simultaneously suppressing dissent and even superior science and engineering in the interest of making a buck and keeping power at all costs.
    These organizations bear more of a resemblance to criminal enterprises than businesses and government agencies.
    National Security Letters
    Eviscerating the Constitution
    since 1978

    How the Federal Government
    Gets around the Constitution
    Grade Weapons to Local Police
    Pentagon Provides Military
    National Defense Authorization
    Act: The End of America
    New Evidence Shows Sirhan
    Sirhan May Be Innocent

    Court Rules U.S. Government
    Above the Law

    Article with Links

    How CIA Was Hijacked by Nazis with Support of
    US Corporations
    Case Against Lyndon Johnson
    in JFK's Assassination

    Part 2      Part 3

    The Death of American
    The Last Word on Independence
    James Corbett
    George Carlin -"Who Really
    Controls America"

    "America's Nazi Secret"
    Renewing the Patriot Act While
    America Sleeps
    Why Oath Keepers are Under Attack
    Statism's Assembly Line
    Alan Watt: The True History of
    The World

    Parts 2,3 & 4

    Bush Nazi Connection

    In US, Power + Principled Stand
    too often equals Assassination
    by "lone nut"

    True News: The Truth About Wikileaks

    The Assassination of John Lennon

    The War John Lennon Opposed

    Rachel Maddow- With Facts
    Known_ Bush Loses Benefit of

    Russ Baker's Book
    Bush Family of Secrets-Pt. 1

    Part 2, 3 & 4

    JFK on Secret Societies


    Bush, Kerry, Clinton Belong to
    Secret Societies and Deny It

    Edward Bernays and the
    Assassination of Democracy

    Bill & Hillary Clinton's Secret
     Life Of Crime-Where Was the

    Remaining 11 Parts

    The Secret History of Our Downfall

    Napolitano Says Bush and Cheney Should Be Indicted

    Legacy of the Exxon-Valdez

    Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Shocking Vaccine Cover Up

    Part 2

    RFK, Jr.-Vaccines and Autism

    Powerful New Documentary
    Invisible Empire

    New Documentary Exposes
    Move Towards Totalitarian
    World Government

    Mass Media-How They Control
    You-Part 1

    Mass Media-How They Control You
    Part 2

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